FNB Contact Details, Whatsapp Number and Email

You can contact the FNB customer care department for one issue or the other via telephone, email, live chat (via the FNB App and Online), Twitter, and Facebook. 

These platforms are designed to ease off stress on customers and also limit the rate at which they visit the bank physically, at least to some extent. Again, these channels are secure, reliable, convenient, and always available for customers to access. As a customer of FNB, feel free to use any of the following channels to reach out to the bank to resolve issues instead of going to the branch.

FNB Customer Care Number

The FNB customer care service is responsible for attending to the customers’ day-to-day needs, including inquiries, complaints, and other services rendered by the bank. To make reaching out to them easy, the bank has provided different phone numbers to call customer service whenever the need arises. Below are the various numbers through which customers get in contact with the customer care department.

  • 011 371 3711
  • 087 575 0147 (from any landline)
  • 135 (FNB SIM only)
  • 087 575 9404 (toll-free number)
  • 087 575 1111
  • 087 736 4800

FNB Online Banking Contact Number

For online banking with FNB, simply dial 1-800-555-5455. You can also dial 087 575 9404. You need to create a username and password to access the bank’s online banking platform. Simply follow this link to begin. The service is available 24/7, 365 days a year.

FNB Credit Card Contact

Every bank customer has a lot to benefit from using credit cards as they make payments easier and give you fast access to your money. However, you can run into troubles with your card and need to contact your bank. To contact the FNB credit card department, call 087 575 1111. Currently, the following credit cards are available to choose from if you are a customer. They include;

  • Aspire: For customers who earn from R84 000 to R449 999 annually
  • Premier: For customers who earn from R240 000 to R849 999 annually
  • Private Clients: For customers with R750 000 to R1 799 999 annual income
  • Private Wealth: For customers who earn R1.8m or more annually
  • Petro Card: For customers with an annual income of R84 000 or more

With your credit card, you get instant savings and when you use it, you get free benefits.

FNB Personal Loans Contact Number

The bank gives lonas to their customers and to apply for a personal loan effortlessly, simply call the FNB loans contact number on 087 575 9404.

Documents required

  • Passport with valid work/retirement permit (non-SA resident)
  • South African ID book or smart ID card/valid South African passport (SA resident)
  • Proof of income and financial information
  • Proof of residence (in your name, and not older than 3 months)

However, If you are an FNB customer and you have been receiving stable income into your FNB account for at least 3 months, you do not need any documents.

For non-FNB customers, the documents required:

  • South African ID book or smart card
  • Proof of income; or ITA 34 or 6 months’ bank statement if you’re self-employed

Qualifying criteria

  • You must be 18 years or older
  • Your salary must be directly paid into your bank account
  • You must be a permanent SA resident
  • You must be permanently employed or self-employed

Features and Benefits

  • Personalized interest rate
  • Fixed repayments
  • No penalty fees
  • Take-A-Break in January
  • Credit life insurance

FNB Email Address

For inquiries, complaints, feedback, or any other transactions, you can reach out to FNB via the email, [email protected]. To contact FNB Connect, send an email at [email protected] stating your issue.

FNB Business Contact Number

Simply contact the bank by telephone via 0877 FNB 247. If you are dialing from outside South Africa, +27 11 371 3711 first followed by the 087 number above when prompted. This division operates 24/7.

FNB Connect Contact Number

The FNB Connect contact number is 087 575 0147. The FNB Connect is the bank’s mobile network provider. The service provides customers with an innovative cellular offering that allows them to manage their SIM.

The Connect scheme boasts wider coverage and fast data connectivity, as well as reduced data prices on data plans and bundles.

FNB Insurance Contact Number

The FNB Insurance contact number is 0860 328 328. When you dial the number, you will get to speak with an agent. The service allows customers to get comprehensive protection for their valued possessions and choose how their cover is structured to suit their needs and budget.

Different Ways To Contact FNB Customer Care

A. Call

  • To report a lost or stolen credit card, call 1-844-BANK-FNB (1-844-226-5362)
  • You can speak to a Live Representative from 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM (Monday – Friday) and 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM (Sat-Sun) on 087 575 9444 if you are calling from South Africa. Then, if you are calling from outside South Africa, dial +27 11 369 2924
  • For hours sales and order inquiries, you can speak with live representatives through the aforementioned numbers from 08h00 to 17h00 (Mon – Fri) and for support, the time is from 08h00 to 19h00 (Monday – Friday)
  • You can also contact the FNB customer care via any of the following numbers 011 371 3711, 087 575 0147 (from any landline), 135 (FNB SIM only), 087 575 9404 (toll-free number), 087 575 1111, and 087 736 4800

B. Email

You can email your complaints, compliments, feedback, and inquiries, and make inquiries through FNB’s email, [email protected].

C. Social Media Handles

  • Whatsapp numbers: FNB does not have a Whatsapp platform where they interact with their customers
  • Facebook: You can reach out to FNB customers care on Facebook via their handle, @FNBSA
  • Twitter: FNB’s Twitter handle is @FNBSA
  • Instagram: The bank’s Instagram handle is fnbsa. However, you can only forward your queries via Facebook and Twitter

D. Live Chat

  • Online Chat

Simply log in to your online banking profile to chat with the bank through their customer representative.

  • FNB App Chat

For secure chat on the FNB App, Select ‘Messages’ and then Select ‘Secure Chat’. You will get to chat securely with a team of bankers through interactive messaging. However, you have to ensure you have the latest version of the app on your smartphone.

What is FNB’s Complaints Procedure and Which Number Do You Contact?

FNB’s complaints procedure isn’t hectic as some customers think. For complaints, follow the link. You can also use the link for queries, suggestions, and compliments.

The commercial bank is very effective in handling complaints and they respond almost immediately if customers follow the right steps correctly.

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