FNB Clients’ Money Withdrawn Illegally In What Seems To Be A Phishing Scam


Banking on the internet may be a good move in the right direction since it saves customers the stress of joining long queues at the bank, but internet bankers must be careful not to share their personal bank details in a way that will make them vulnerable to phishing scam.

A good number of FNB customers are expressing great anger as a result of illegal withdrawals from their bank accounts without their consent. The withdrawal was tagged a phishing scam.

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Some of the infuriated customers called into Cape Talk with complaints about how mysteriously, amounts of money that totaled up to R300,000 were taken from their bank accounts without their consent.

FBN officials says the nature of the mysterious disappearance of funds from accounts shows a possibility that the affected clients have fallen victims of a phishing scam.

However, some of the affected clients said they never clicked on any phishing links.

FNB spokesperson on the incident Karen Botes issued a subtle explanation on how this could have happened.

“Phishing is a common and well-known social engineering where fraudsters try to draw clients in to disclose their personal details and once the details are disclosed the fraudsters take over their identity.”

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David Klatzow who is a forensic investigator and a representative of some of the victims of the scam, says FNB‘s explanation on the matter is unacceptable.

“They have created a site for their own benefit because it keeps people out of banks and it’s much easier for them. They have created a way of doing banking which makes the client extremely vulnerable to this kind of thing. If they have not managed to tighten up from preventing this from happening they are responsible,” Klatzow said, shipping the whole blame on loose banking systems.