FNB Account Types and Charges

FNB has different types of accounts you can operate in the bank, including FNB Business Account, FNB Gold Account, FNB Premier Account, Private Client Account, and FNB Cheque Account. Each of these accounts has different purposes, advantages, and charges.

Before opening an account with FNB, you should know about the different types of FNB accounts to see which one best suits your purpose for opening the account. The good news is that irrespective of your financial need and status, there is an FNB account that suits you.

Types Of FNB Accounts

Here are the different types of FNB accounts and the basic things you need to know about their offers and charges associated with them:

FNB Premier Account

There are more than three different FNB Premier Accounts you can open and they include:

Premier Current Account

FNB Premier Current Account is for individuals who earn an annual salary that ranges between R240,000 and R849,999. This account comes with an annual monthly account fee of R229.

With the FNB Premier Current Account, you get a team of bankers that are always ready to attend to you no matter the time of the day. Plus, every time you swipe your card, you get eBucks.

Premier Cheque Account

Your monthly income has to be between R750,000 to R1,799,999 before you can be allowed to open a Premier Cheque Account. This account comes with the following benefits:

  • 24/7 access to online banking
  • eBucks
  • Free data, SMS, and voice minutes
  • Access to a team of bankers
  • Rewards for travel and transport
  • Rewards on shopping, data + prepaid

FNB Premier Credit Account

This type of account attracts a monthly account fee of R29. At this cost, you get access to the following benefits:

  • Global travel insurance
  • Personalized rates with a 55-day interest-free period
  • Budget facility with 6-60 days payment period

What Charges Are Attached To An FNB Premier Account?

Here are some of the charges that come with the FNB Premier Account:

  • Transfer using cellphone banking, the FNB App, telephone banking – IVR, FNB ATM, and online banking: R8.50
  • Withdrawals:
    • FNB ATM: R2.20 per R100
    • Cardless cash withdrawals: R2.20 per R100
    • Credit card cash on a budget: R80 + R2.85 per R100
    • Other banks’ ATMs: R11 + R2.20 per R100
    • International branch: R80 + R2.75 per R10013
  • Balance inquiries:
    • Using cellphone banking, FNB ATMs, online banking, and the FNB App: No charge
    • Point-of-sale: R1.75
    • Other banks’ ATMs, international point-of-sale, branch or telephone banking (consultant assisted): R7.30

FNB Easy Account

FNB Easy Account is the best type of account for low-income earners. No matter how small your income is, you can open an Easy Account. The different types of FNB Easy Accounts include:

  • Easy Account Smart
  • Easy Zero Account
  • Pay as you use

Here are the benefits that come with the FNB Easy Account:

  • You can swipe your credit card many times without an extra charge
  • Purchase data, airtime, and perform services using cellphone banking and FNB mobile App without extra charges
  • Users can keep track of the activities going on in their account via inContact SMSs without bothering with any extra cost
  • Interest-free loans
  • Use Cash@Till at selected Spar, Shoprite, Checkers, Pick n Pay, and Boxers – at no extra cost

FNB Easy Account Charges and Fees

Here are some of the fees that come with the other types of Easy Account:

Fee Smart account Pay as you earn Zero Account
Monthly account fee R59.00 R4.95 No charges
External debit order fee R8.00 R3.50 R3.50 R4.00
Internal debit order fee No charges R2.50 No charges
Cash deposit using FNB ATM fees No charges R1.00 per R100.00 R4.65 + R0.90**
Withdrawal with other bank ATM fees R9.50 + R1.90 per R100.00 R10.00 per R1000.00 R11.00 + R2.20
Till Withdrawal Fee R1.00 R1.00 No charges
ATM Withdrawal Fee R1.90 per R100.00 R6.00 per R1000.00 R1.00


FNB Gold Cheque Account

This is a savings account that attracts a monthly fee of R105. The Gold Cheque account comes with the following benefits:

  • eBucks rewards
  • Access to overdrafts
  • Savings account at no extra charge
  • Gold credit card
  • Free automatic debt protection
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Fusion Account

There are four different types of FNB Fusion Account and they include:

FNB Fusion Aspire Account

This account is for individuals who have an annual salary between R84,000 to R499 999. This account allows you to pay for your expenses and debit orders with up to 30 days interest fee when purchasing with your card. Some of the other benefits of the Fusion Aspire Account include:

  • Personalized credit interest on your credit facilities
  • eBucks rewards
  • Global travel insurance
  • Access to online banking and mobile app

Fusion Premier Account

If you have a yearly income of R240,000 to R849,999, then a Fusion Premier Account is for you. However, it attracts a monthly account fee of R219. Here are some of the benefits that come with the account:

  • Credit facilities
  • 30 days free on card purchases
  • Access to a team of bankers at any time of the day

FNB Fusion Private Clients Account

To open a Fusion Private Clients Account, you will need to have an annual salary of R750,000 to R1,799,999. This account attracts a monthly account fee of R399. Some of the benefits of this account include:

  • Access to a private banker
  • You can have access to view your finances with one account
  • 30 days interest-free on card purchases

Fusion Private Wealth Account

If your yearly income is up to R1.8 million and above, then opening a Fusion Private Wealth account will be most beneficial to you. This account comes with loads of benefits for wealthy individuals. Some of these benefits include:

  • Credit facility
  • Securities Global Trader Account (minimum balance of $10,000)
  • FNB Channel Islands Current Account (must maintain a balance of £5,000)
  • Securities Local Trader Account (must maintain a balance of R25,000)
  • eBucks rewards

FNB Business Account

FNB Business Accounts are for business owners and the different accounts in this category include:

First Zero Business Account

To open this account, you will require a yearly turnover between R0 to R5 million in your business. This account is majorly for sole proprietors.

Gold Business Account

Gold Business Account requires business owners to have a yearly turnover of between R5 million to R60 million. It’s for business owners that perform both local and international transactions.

Enterprise Business Account

This account is for big business owners whose businesses have a yearly turnover of R60 million and above. It comes with access to a team of advisory managers.

Frequently Asked Questions About FNB Payments

What Are FNB Withdrawal Charges?

Fee Easy Account Zero Aspire Account Private Wealth Private Client
Other banks’ ATMs R11.00 + R2.20 R11.00 + R2.20 per R100 No charge No charge
FNB Branch R1.00 R80 + R2.75 per R100 No charge No charge

How Much Does FNB Charge For Pay and Clear?

FNB charges R35 for pay and clear. This is a one-time flat rate fee and does not depend on the amount of money involved. Pay and Clear is not only pocket-friendly but also time-friendly. In about 60 seconds, it should be completed. Even if you encounter delays, it shouldn’t take more than an hour.

What Are FNB eWallet Charges?

  • Send money from FNB Account to eWallet – R2 + R2.20 per R100
  • Reversal of incorrect ‘send money to eWallet’ transaction – telephone/branch: R60
  • Reversal of incorrect ‘send money to eWallet’ transaction – cellphone banking: R16
  • Prepaid Electricity – R2.70
  • Inactivity fee per month (after 6 months of inactivity) – R4.95

What Are FNB ATM Withdrawal Charges?

Here are the charges you should expect when you carry out an FNB ATM withdrawal.

  • Smart Account – R1.90 per R100.00
  • Pay as you earn – R6.00 per R1000.00
  • Zero Account – R1.00
  • Aspire Account – R80 + R2.75 per R100
  • Premier Account – R2.20 per R100

FNB Black Card Monthly Charges

Here are the charges associated with FNB black card:

  • Private client credit card: R399 monthly fee, card monthly service fee R192.00 per month, facilitation fee of R17.00, and imitation fee of R172.00
  • Business black credit card: Monthly fee of R250.00
  • Private client debit card: monthly fee of R385.00, overdraft fee of R69.00
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