FlySafair Contact Details: Phone Numbers and other Methods for Reaching their Call Center

Ever since it stormed the South African skies in 2014, FlySafair has held steadfast to its vision of providing low-cost and safe flights for South Africans. They have also performed creditably in staff service and product rating and now have a three-star rating. Their fleet of 17 aircraft covers about eight routes in South Africa. They also fly to Mauritius and have interline agreements with reputable international airlines such as KLM, Emirates, Qatar Airways, and Air France. FlySafair is also renowned for its association with the beloved rugby team of South Africa known as The Springboks. Beyond all this, the most important thing for customers is the quality of services they render. To this end, the airline maintains several customer service channels through which travelers can get quick answers to their queries and have their issues sorted out. Learn more about these FlySafair contact details below.

How To Contact FlySafair

Through FlySafair Customer Service Call Center – 087 357 0030

You can get in contact with FlySafair through their dedicated customer care call center using the number – 087 357 0030. The call center is operated by friendly and courteous customer service agents ready to respond to any queries that customers and potential customers alike may have. The call center runs for a 12-hour period each day, beginning from 7 am to 7 pm, and the best time to contact them may be in the early mornings or late in the afternoons when the peak hour rush must have passed. It is important to note that there are thousands of other customers utilizing this service, and as such, you may not be able to get through easily.

The airline, therefore, advises customers to go through their library of answered FAQs online and see if they can get a solution there. They can also log into the airline’s portal and resolve some issues by themselves, such as changing flights. In fact, to encourage people to use the self-help channels rather than calling the call center, doing things such as changing flights online will only attract the standard penalty of R300 and the fare differences if any. However, if you go through the call center, you will be charged an additional call center processing fee and an additional R145 service fee. The reason for these extra charges is that call centers are expensive to run. FlySafair, therefore, utilizes the monies made from these additional charges to help fund the running of the call center.

Issues That Can Be Resolved by FlySafair Customer Call Center

  • Changing of flights
  • Cancellation of flights
  • Refunds for canceled flights
  • Changing the name under which a flight ticket was reserved.
  • Add-on services such as priority boarding, pre-booked seats, hand luggage, and sports equipment.
  • Inquiries as to items allowed on board
  • Inquiries as to travel documentation and forms of identification
  • Flight schedule changes
  • Booking flights
  • Group bookings
  • Special needs bookings
  • The unaccompanied minor booking process

Through Their Email – [email protected]

Another means of contacting FlySafair customer care agents is through their email – [email protected]. You can utilize it for various types of inquiries you want to make about the airline’s services. You can also use it for issues that cannot be sorted out through online portals, such as arranging a group booking of more than nine people or arranging boarding facilities at the airport for special needs individuals. Unlike the call center that runs for 12 hours each day of the week, you can always shoot off an email to FlySafair staff whenever you want, which means that this particular service is available 24/7.

However, it is important to note that the airline places more priority on its call center than email queries. Therefore, email queries may take as long as a week to respond, while call center responses are usually instant. Therefore, if you have an urgent or important inquiry or issues to sort out with FlySafair, it is advisable to call their customer care service rather than emailing them. The email only comes in handy when the issue is not urgent or if you have tried the call center and gotten no response, which is unlikely anyway.

Through Messaging Platforms such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Telegram

Another way through which customers can get in touch with FlySafair is by sending them messages and chatting them up on messaging platforms such as WhatsApp (, Telegram ( ) and Facebook Messenger ( This is a great means of getting answers to whatever inquiries one may have. It can also be used to resolve issues such as cancellations of flights, changing of flights, etc. These platforms are manned the same period as the call center, 7 am to 7 pm, seven days of the week. They are therefore not available 24/7.

By Following Them on Their Facebook and Twitter Accounts

One great way for brands to constantly keep in touch with their customers is through social media platforms, and FlySafair is taking advantage of that. The airline is active on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and customers can head over there to make inquiries. Even more importantly, the airline uses these platforms to disseminate information quickly to its customers. Therefore, updates on flight cancellations and government policies affecting air transport in South Africa (for instance, Covid-19 restrictions) can easily be gleaned from there. The social media channels are actively manned from 7 am to 7 pm, seven days a week.

What is the Easiest Way of Contacting FlySafair?

A perusal of the above avenues for contacting FlySafair will show that the easiest way of contacting them is through email and messaging platforms, as you can easily send a message across. These platforms may not be the best options, though, as it may take time to get a response. Therefore, even though it may be difficult to reach the customer care call center on 087 357 0030, that remains the best among the FlySafair contact details, and they are assured of quick resolution of their issues once they get through to them.

Can FlySafair Customer Care Give Refunds?

The FlySafair customer care call center cannot give you refunds per se but can certainly process your application for refunds. If the refund results from the fact that you canceled the flight, you will get a 50% refund if the cancellation was made 45 days or more before the flight. If the cancellation was made less than 45 days before the flight, you get no refunds. If you seek refunds due to circumstances out of your control, such as hospitalization or being declared medically unfit to travel, you will get a 100% refund back to the method of payment you initially used.

Can FlySafair Customer Care Change Flights?

Yes, the FlySafair customer care agents can change your flight booking, but this will cost you an additional call center processing fee and an additional R145 service fee. This is in addition to the R300 penalty and any difference in fare, if any. In contrast, if you change the flight yourself via the online portal, you will only pay the standard penalty of R300 and fare differences, if any.

Rescheduling of Flights

The normal thing is that flights have predetermined take-off dates and times. Unforeseen circumstances, such as weather issues, can cause these predetermined flight times and dates to change. When that happens, FlySafair will automatically move passengers to what seems to them to be the best alternative. However, if this does not suit you as a customer, you can call the call center to help you find a flight that works better.

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