AIRBUS To Install Flight Recorders On Its Jets To Outshine Black Boxes


A prominent European plane maker Airbus will soon install state of the art flight recorders which are expected to turn the existing so-called black boxes to nothing but old-fashioned.

The British satellite firm Inmarsat that was responsible for helping to pinpoint the remains from the missing Malaysian flight MH370 which crashed over the big sea in March 2014 invented the technology.

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This new technology does not only wipe away the need for black box recorders, it could go as far as preventing air disasters. Yes, you heard right. The flight recorders are designed to send flight information via satellite to a control centre every few seconds. This is particularly useful over the sea.

A typical example is what happened on EgyptAir that went missing on the Mediterranean sea.

The air plane company had to retrieve the black boxes from its ill-fated flight 804, which crashed on Alexandria in May, get them cleaned and fixed before they could try to ascertain what actually transpired u there before the crash.

The British satellite telecommunications company Inmarsat says the new technology called SwiftBroadband-Safety, and dubbed “the black box in the cloud”, could actually prevent a crash by speeding up communication between the cockpit and the ground in the event of a mechanical problem or terrorist incident. This will keep the crew on the ground updated on what is actually happening with the cockpit.

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If the new technology gets regulatory approval, Airbus will fit SB-S technology in A320 single-aisle planes and A330 wide-body aircraft from 2018.

Cobham, a British defence firm was selected by Airbus to install the onboard equipment which will be fitted on the planes and connected to the satellite network of Inmarsat.