SA Woman Working With Five Nigerians To Defraud South Africans


Reports have it that a South African women and five Nigerian men she works with to defraud South Africans are in court to pay for their sins.

The Five Nigerian men and the SA woman are facing charges related to their fraudulent activities.

They allegedly duped South African women in quest for love a total sum of R400, ooo.

The 31-year-old Cape Town woman and her Nigerian husband were arrested in Cape Town on Thursday morning.

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The couple with the other four Nigerian accomplices, were running an online dating scam.

Two of the suspects were arrested in Burgundy Estate. Whereas, the rest were apprehended at their apartment in Summer Green, Cape Town.

The arrests were as a result of an on-going investigation into an online dating scam. In which unsuspecting women were targeted and robbed. Thus far, seven victims have come forward who have been conned a combined amount of close to R400 000,” SAPS related. 

It narrated further that “the suspects would create fake accounts on online dating sites to lure women. They would chat with the victims for a while before starting to come up with different scenarios.”

That, would inspire women to deposit or transfer money to the banking details which the suspects would have provided.

As alleged, the SA women is “the one who cashed out all the money market transactions deposited by the victims.” She was found with R50 000 in cash during her arrest.

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SAPS urges all SA women who had been victims of online dating scams to come forward so that their matters could also be investigated.

It thereafter, divulged that the six suspects, are between 27 and 37 years old.