First Lady Grace Mugabe Won’t Replace Her Husband — ZANU-PF


Once more, Zimbabwe’s ruling party ZANU-PF has reiterated that first lady Grace Mugabe has no presidential ambitions and will not run to succeed her 92-year old husband President Robert Mugabe.

The party rather asserted that she has only been standing in defence of her husband against people who want to force the President to step down before the end of his term of office.

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Speaking further, Zanu-PF Deputy Secretary for Women’s Affairs Cde Eunice Sandi Moyo said,

 “There are some people who are targeting the President’s wife because they are so scared of the power that she is trying to protect. The First Lady is only supporting her husband but there are some people who want to mislead Zimbabweans into believing otherwise.”

Moyo made this known at Museva Village in Chivi South where she was representing First Lady Amai Mugabe at the handover of a new church built by Chivi Rural District Council chairman Councillor Killer Zivhu for the Zion Apostolic Faith Mission Church (ZAFMC) over the weekend.

The deputy secretary for Women’s Affairs stated that Mrs Mugabe never said she wants to rule Zimbabwe. She urged all and sundry to allow the first lady speak for everyone because she deserves the support of everyone.

“She stands up because she is the image of the Mugabe home,” Moyo added.

The ruling party’s stalwart poured praises on Mugabe, saying he was anointed by God to rule Zimbabwe and would only step down when God wants him to do so.

“Don’t be misled by people who want to force President Mugabe to step down. He continues to rule this country because God wants him to continue doing so, you are going to have another leader at some point but for now President Mugabe is in charge,’’ said Moyo.

She further recalled the history of Zimbabwe and asserted that President Mugabe is the only founding nationalist leader of the country who is still around because God has been looking after him.

“It is God’s wish that President Mugabe is still the leader of this country, 36 years after Independence, President Mugabe is a God-given leader.”

She later called on the church to help pray for the country so that people who uphold good moral values would help achieve socio-economic development in a harmonious and peaceful environment.

President Mugabe’s wife has been in the center of events after she became active in politics in 2014. Recently, a faction aligned to the first lady has been ratcheting up pressure against Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Reports also have it that the G40 faction, which has blended with first lady Grace Mugabe, has desperately been trying to oust vice president Mnangagwa out of the vice-presidency using the Zanu PF Women’s League.

Also, president Robert Mugabe, who has severally leaned on Zanu PF’s G40 faction, is said to be fussing on whether to retain or sack Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa as he continues to oust allies.

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