Finally! The Video Footage Everyone Wants To See – Watch The Wendy And Nonhle Fight At Kaya FM


Sometime in May, three women who were in some way connected to a famous soccer player, and as well involved with the first season of the reality show, “Diski Divas” on Mzansi Magic stunned listeners of Kaya Fm. The reality TV stars Wendy Parker, Nonhle Ndala and Katlego Mohoaduba engaged in a heated angry dispute during a live broadcast at Kaya Fm Johannesburg.

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As it happened, Nonhle was at the Kaya Fm studio for a scheduled interview when Wendy gate-crashed the session as a surprise guest. Before then, there was a strained relationship between Nonhle and the other women as Nonhle had allegedly mocked Wendy’s “colored accent” regarding her as a “ghetto” and “trashy” lady.

We’ve always wanted to witness the unusual event but somehow, someone somewhere did not want anybody to see the video footage of the misbehaving TV stars. The video which have been out of reach was however, recently given to The Juice by someone who wants to remain unknown. You can now see for yourself what happened.

Nonhle who was pregnant at the time of the incident was taunted by Wendy who refused to get off her back despite the radio presenters trying to manage the emanating tension. Wendy eventually tapped Nonhle’s head, and ended up grabbing her weave as a calm but desperate Nonhle strives to leave the building.

Katlego Mohoaduba then got involved and sided Wendy as they ganged up on Nonhle. You’ll recall that Nonhle laid assault charges against Wendy and Mohoaduba and that Wendy in turn equally laid assault charges against Nonhle claiming she shoved and racially insulted her.

With the unpleasant incident, the producers of “Diski Divas”, Connect TV reached a decision to terminate the participation of Wendy and Mohoaduba in the show. Mzansi Magic then, commented that it “does not condone acts of violence and, supports Connect TV’s decision to take immediate and significant action. Diski Divas will continue and whilst viewers will see both Parker and Mohoaduba over the next two weeks, they will not feature in the series beyond this point.”

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