Guess What Fifi Cooper Spent Her Metro FM Awards Paycheck On?


A lot of ladies would have opted for designer clothes and accessories, but Fifi Cooper decided to spend her Metro FM Awards paycheck in the most honourable manner.

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The musical artist received a cash prize of R300 000 after winning big at the Metro FM Awards. Notwithstanding that it was her “biggest paycheck” since breaking into the music industry, she didn’t spend it on herself.

“It was the first time that I handled that kind of money,” she confessed.

Nonetheless, she revealed that the money went into building a house for her mom back in the North West. She had to step in to complete the house which her brother started before he had to face his own family.

“I’m building my mom a house. It’s actually done.”

“My brother started building the house, but then, because he got married, the process of building the house slowed down a bit as he had to focus on his own family,” she added.

Apparently, nothing is more important to Fifi Cooper than doing something for her mom. It has always been her dream. Thus, she had to step in to help her brother put a roof over her mom’s head for good.

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“With the money I just helped him to finish up the house. It was also a dream of mine to do something for my mom,” she said.

“At the end of the day, home is always where you end up. You don’t want to be a star, but end up living in a shack.”

No place like home indeed. You can succeed all you want but without a home to call your own, you are absolutely nothing.