Female Fighters Undress In Public To Protest Council Meeting Dress Code


Reports have it that female EFF members undressed in public to protest Council meeting dress code in Mahikeng local council sitting.

As learnt, security guards stopped the EFF Councillors from entering the local council sitting with their party regalia.

Confirming this incident, Council speaker Pontsho Tabane, explained that the EFF Councillors failed to comply with the dressing rules of the council.

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According to Tabane, the rules of the chamber clearly stipulated that Councillors must dress formal. All the EFF Councillors faulted the dressing rule as they arrived for meeting wearing their red regalia.

They were as such, prevented by security guards from entering the chamber.

The EFF Councillors however, insisted that their regalia dressing was formal. And later, offered to take off their clothes. “We will take off our clothes then, just let us in, the council sitting is about to start,” pleaded the EFF Councillors.

Surprisingly, the female members undressed and left with just their inner wears.

Reacting to the incident, National EFF secretary trash-talked the ANC saying they ought to focus on service delivery.

“That is the colonial decorum of white supremacy. It means they are saying workers’ clothes are not clothes. It is a demonstration of total disdain for workers

“They were just wearing red overalls and domestic workers’ uniform dresses without an emblem. That cannot be considered as party regalia,” Godrich Gardee stated.

Also, the fighters regional secretary Neo Moroeng commented that the EFF would approach the court on the matter.

“We are opening a case of harassment and assault with the police. Some of our female members were manhandled and touched on their breasts,” Moroeng stated.

Reporting this, Sowetan Live related that one of the Councillors, Tumelo Phinda was one of the women allegedly manhandled.

Phinda said: “the bouncer touched my bums and breasts. I felt cheap and disrespected. One of them held me between his legs while I was picking up my doek.

…I did not feel that there was something wrong to strip naked. It was also a form of expressing my disappointment with this council. I was voted by the public to represent them in council but I was denied my right to do so,” Phinda added.

Another Councillor Ouma Nkitsing said: “We felt that they will accept us if we wear our natural selves which is our best suits. They cannot come and impose English laws on us.

…I cannot afford their expensive suits that their laws want us to wear, so wearing nothing is the cheapest clothes that I can wear.”

Nevertheless, the Council speaker called on the EFF to use appropriate channels if they intend to amend rules.

“..They can bring in a motion. They are grand-standing (and) we cannot allow that. They must respect the decorum of the house and the laws of this country. We cannot allow anarchy to prevail. That, will eat up our democracy.”

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In addition, Tabane warned the EFF to behave as the ANC can run the municipality without them.

“They do not make any impact. Out of 70 council members, ANC has 43. If they do not want to cooperate, then we will show them that we are the ANC-led municipality,” Tabane cautioned.