FeesMustFall Student Leaders Send Must-Read Message To Zuma


FeesMustFall student leaders across some higher institutions in the country have warned the government to either grant their request or watch them continue the protest in 2017.

The FeesMustFall student leaders vowed to ‘fight on’ for free education until the Zuma-led government takes up the responsibility of funding tuition fees in higher institutions.

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The University of KwaZulu-Natal student leader Nkehlizana Mbanjwa said students across institutions are ready to continue the struggle for free education, as more protests should be expected this year.

He lambasted the government for still keeping a deaf ear to students’ demand; adding that “The protest action for free education will only end once free tertiary education is realized.”

Wits student representative council president Kefentse Mkhari, who has been influential in greasing the wheels of the movement said they would unveil new plans for the FeesMustFall protest soon.

“Once the registration process has been concluded, we will then meet with all the students to strategise the way forward with regards to #FeesMustFall. We told all students when we left for the holidays last year to continue with the groundwork which entailed mobilizing all sectors in the community because we will need new plans for the new year,” Mkhari added.

EFF Student Command leader Leader Mpho Morolane declined to comment in details whether the #FeesMustFall campaign will be rolled out soon. Morolane maintained it was too early to say what is likely to happen regarding the FeesMustFall protest in the new year.

“We have not had any discussions about that as yet,” he explained.

The FeesMustFall protests turned out to be a pain in the government’s neck; a nightmare for students who are willing to study; and a can of worms – too difficult for the government to handle.

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The protests began in mid-October 2015 in response to an increase in fees at South African universities. The protests got re-ignited in 2016 after an announcement by Higher Education and Training Minister Blade Nzimande, asking universities to decide on tuition fee increases, which he said should be capped at 8%.

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