FeesMustFall Protest Will Be Taken To Zuma’s Door Tomorrow


The Democratic Alliance said it will be leading a peaceful march to Parliament tomorrow.

The march will be demanding President Jacob Zuma’s government to provide more funding for higher education.

DA proclaimed its support for free higher education for the poor and asserted that the support must also be provided for the ‘missing middle’.

“We firmly believe that no person should be denied an education because they are poor and no deserving student should be left behind because of the circumstances of their birth.

“It is time that our government started taking the steps needed to realize this,” charged the party.

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Maimane’s party wailed that South Africa is facing a serious crisis in educating its citizens.

“The illegal and violent action of a few have forced campus shut-downs, while not enough funding exists to support poor students and the ‘missing middle’.

“Chronic under-funding and a lack of leadership by Zuma and the Minister of Higher Education, Blade Nzimande, has only compounded the problem, forcing fee-increases and the tensions that arise as a result.”

The opposition party championed that the negative situation “has to come to an end if we are to save higher education in South Africa, and ensure that our country’s future is not jeopardized.

“Indeed, tens of thousands of matriculants who will complete their schooling this year will rely on our universities to remain open. Our health sector will need medical graduates to fill critical, life-saving vacancies. And our economy needs the research that drives innovation, grows the economy and creates jobs,” added DA.

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With that, DA urged all South Africans concerned about higher education to protest peacefully. The party said it’s aware some individuals intends to disrupt the peaceful protest tomorrow.

Nonetheless, it cautioned that violence and destruction is never an acceptable form of protest. It only undermines the important call for more funding for higher education in South Africa, DA indicated.