FeesMustFall Protest Goes Shirtless – See Footage

Not fewer than ten people including police officers, students and lecturers have been injured after the plan to shut-down the University of the Witwatersrand triggered violent confrontations between students and the police.

While the police fired rubber bullets, stun grenades and tear gas to disperse the protesting students, the students retaliated by hauling stones at the crime fighters.

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The chaos that followed inspired some of the protesting females to go shirtless, completely half-naked pleading for a ceasefire.

Reports have it that a lecturer, Prof. David Hornsby was injured during the clash between students and the police.

Confirming this, Shirona Patel the spokesperson of the university related that Prof. Hornsby is currently receiving treatment in a hospital.

“Professor David Hornsby was injured and taken to [the] hospital. We are still waiting for the results and we are investigating this matter,” Patel stated.

Also, BuzzSouthAfrica gathered that a police officer sustained a wound to his head outside Great Hall.

Reacting, the Higher Education and Training Minister Blade Nzimande called for order saying free education for the poor is an ultimate goal of the government.

He said: “We have a process in place which will draw the road-map to get there. Let us give that process the space that it needs.

“We have watched very closely throughout today what has been going on at the universities. At some universities, there have been attempts to disrupt those who are at work.

“But here is the point; at one university, the disruption has been the work of a total of 30 people. Nobody even knows whether they are genuine students,” remarked Minister Blade.

Meanwhile, the EFF leader, Julius Malema has called on all student to join the FeesMustFall Protest.

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Arguing that the time for free education is now, Malema said: “all students must join FeesMustFall Protest in all institutions of higher learning.

“The time for free education is now, the police brutality will never succeed in suppressing a noble cause.

“The country should join the peaceful student’s protest, we demand free education now. They won’t kill us all, victory is certain,” he charged.