‘#FeesMustFall Campaign Agenda Is To Overthrow A Democratically Elected Zuma’ – ANCYL Leader


The ANC Youth League president, Collen Maine said the #FeesMustFall campaign is not what it is named, but is rather, a racist counter-revolutionary move to overthrow a democratically elected government of the people.

Calling on South Africa’s intelligence agencies to probe the #FeesMustFall movement, The ANCYL Leader pointed out that “the so-called #FeesMustFall movement is highly funded. Who is funding them? He questioned and remarked thus; “whoever is funding them is counter-revolutionary. State security should be looking into that because these people are very dirty. They know how to operate; they will not deposit money into your account.”

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“One of the realities is; there are pockets of people who are very impatient with the ANC and the democratic government, as you saw during the #ZumaMustFall campaign,” Maine stated.

With that, the ANCYL leader argued that the #FeesMustFall movement and racism are the same thing and “has the intent to overthrow a democratically elected government of the people.” He explained further that the “counter-revolutionary forces can’t win democratically. Hence, you see the old flags representing apartheid, which goes to the issue of racism. It has begun to raise its ugly head in our country.”

Meanwhile, the DA Student Organisation (DASO) has responded to Maine’s comments on the #FeeMustFall movement relating that they are “angered but unsurprised” and as such, called on “Collen Maine to retract his comments that are disproportionate and out of touch with the frustration of the youth.”

“Maine’s comments about the student movement demonstrate that he is out of touch with the plight of the youth by calling for disproportionate action to be taken instead of meaningfully addressing the concerns of many frustrated students…The youth league and its leaders are at risk of becoming completely irrelevant due to a lack of understanding of key issues facing the country’s students.”

DASO further stated that it will “continue to hold government accountable for the disregard of higher education,” and as well disclosed that it “has launched the #WTF campaign, demanding Minister Nzimande to answer the question Where’s The Funding?”

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