Fees Must Fall Leader Mcebo Dlamini To Remain In Custody


Fees Must Fall leader, Mcebo Dlamini will remain in police custody as court postpones his case till Tuesday.

Mcebo Dlamini who was also former Wits University student leader was arrested on Sunday and is currently facing charges of public violence, theft, malicious damage to property and assault.

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However, Prosecutor Steven Rubin asked him to remain in police custody until tomorrow so that Dlamini’s address can be verified.

The fees must fall leader was arrested on Sunday by the police who revealed that the arrest was linked to recent violent protests on campus.

Report also has it that the protest leader did not resist when police arrested him on Sunday morning. Police say the arrest forms part of their investigations into recent violent protests on campus.

Court’s Prosecutor Steven Rubin also received the information that Dlamini provided the police with his Wits University residence address and Rubin said this address could not be accepted because the institution would be closing in a matter of weeks.


Prior to his arrest, Mcebo Dlamini accused Wits vice-chancellor Adam Habib of being a threat to both himself and the  university. He said Habib must address the university’s internal issues and not disrupt their protest against state government.

“Habib sees us as hooligans and demagogues, but we shall soldier on and fight to restore the dignity of the African black child,” Dlamini had said as he maintained that Wits university must remain shut until government answers their plea.

Meanwhile, Dlamini’s lawyer Mongezi Ntanga said he had provided his mother’s address and that the address would be verified by police.

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The leader remained calm while standing at the dock on Monday morning. He was dressed in a green hoodie with a black and white keffiyeh around his neck. He occasionally looked back into the public gallery, in search of familiar faces.

Dlamini would remain in custody at the Cleveland police station as court refused Ntanga’s request to release him so he could take his school exams scheduled for Tuesday. Magistrate B Roux refused this request after being informed that Dlamini had not attended most of his classes.