Fear Factor: MTV Revives The Hair-raising Stunt Series With Ludacris As Host


MTV has announced on Wednesday, plans to revive the hair-raising stunt competition series Fear Factor.

The revamped show premieres on 30 May with Ludacris as host in the new series. The reality competition show was used to challenge competitors to a series of mostly gross challenges that put their bravery to test in hopes of winning $50,000.

Fear Factor

The show which originally aired on NBC from 2001 went on a break in 2006. Nonetheless, it had a short revival from 2011-12 and now it’s coming back with a bang.

Rapper-turned-actor Ludacris will replace Joe Rogan as host on the show. The rapper will also serve as an executive producer.

MTV president Chris McCarthy said in a statement;

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“MTV is about celebrating youth culture, and with the reinvented ‘Fear Factor,’ we are putting the power in our audience’s hands to face and overcome their biggest fears.”

We are thrilled to partner with Ludacris, one of the biggest global stars who has a rich history with MTV, to energize this franchise for a whole new generation.”

As indicated in a statement, the new Fear Factor will focus on what makes the youths tick. It will unveil challenges like “Roach-ella,” ”Trap Queen” and personal cellphone rescues at heights of over 100 feet. Basically, the new Fear Factor will include new stunts inspired by urban legends, popular scary movies and viral videos.

Fear Factor

The show will have 12 episodes with each lasting for an hour. Each episode will see contestants pair up into four teams with siblings, roommates or best friends — to compete for $50 000 in cash.

Fear Factor

MTV promises to take contestants on a journey to confront their fears. They will be pushed beyond their comfort zones and compelled to take action against some of their biggest fears on the show.

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Meanwhile, the original series had contestants take on three rounds of stunts. In the first and third stunts, the physical abilities are put to test. Also, extreme circumstances, such as heights or underwater activities are encountered.

Fear Factor

Secondly, the second stunt was a mental challenge during which contestants were given unpleasant things to consume. This could be in form of concoctions, live bugs or animal parts. They may also be asked to endure extreme situations such as being submerged in spiders, snakes or bees for a stipulated time.

Thus, in case you are planning to watch the show, better brace yourself and get ready to scream!!!