Farm Murders In South Africa: AfriForum Hands Zuma Petition Containing 175,000 Names 


AfriForum Research Institute (ANI) in Pretoria announced the farm murder in South Africa statistics for the 2016/2017 financial year today.

The announcement saw the non-governmental organisation protecting the rights of minorities in South Africa marching to the Union Buildings.

There, they handed a petition against farm murders in South Africa to President Jacob Zuma. From our gatherings, the petition against farm murders contained 175,000 names.

The farm murder and farm attack statistics for the 2016/2017 financial year indicated that the total amount of verified farm attacks for the period is 357 and that of farm murders, 74.

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Commenting, Crime Analyst at ANI, Lorraine Claasen pointed-out that farm murders in South Africa were subjected to larger international scrutiny this year.

According to Claasen, the international scrutiny can be linked to the fact that citizens of Britain and the Netherlands were among the recent victims of the crime.

The ANI Crime Analyst stressed that it’s highly necessary for farmers in rural areas to enhance their security.

“It is essential to make it as difficult as possible for attackers to gain access to dwellings…

If the frequency of farm attacks and farm murders remain the same throughout the 2017 calendar year, it would seem that the numbers would again increase.

To date there have been 113 attacks and 29 farm murders verified.”

As culled from the farm murder and farm attack report, below are the records for farm murders per province:

# Province Total
1 Gauteng 21
2 KwaZulu-Natal 11
3 Limpopo 8
4 Mpumalanga 12
5 Northern Cape 1
6 Northwest 9
7 Eastern Cape 3
8 Free State 6
9 Western Cape 3
Total 74

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The report also indicated that there were more than 553 victims involved in the 357 incidents of farm attacks. While the average number of victims per attack is four, the average age of victims is 55 years. And, in 62% of the incidents, victims of the age of 51 and older were attacked.

Most of the attacks occurred on Saturdays, followed by Sundays, Fridays and Thursdays. Also, the time of the day during which most attacks took place, was at night from 18:00 to 6:00.

More-so, over 740 attackers were involved in the 357 incidents, with an average of four attackers per incident.

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