Failed Motion Of No Confidence: See AfriForum’s Plan For Corrupts Official


The failed motion of No Confidence in President Jacob Zuma has been met with different reactions. While it’s fair to say the anti-Zumas are depressed and disappointed about the outcome, it’s right to say the pro-Zumas are very excited.

To the UDM (United Democratic Movement) which initiated the eight move to oust Mr Zuma as South Africa’s President, the ANC members in Parliament have yet again, given the people of South Africa the middle-finger. The party is “perturbed” about the failed motion of No Confidence.

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However, UDM believes the failure has shown South Africans the difference between those who stand for the truth and those who stand for the looting of resources meant to alleviate poverty and erase unemployment.

UDM asserted that the ANC regards South Africans “as mere fodder” that can only be used to get into power. Having said that, the party stated thus:

“The battle to save South Africa is not over though. The UDM will join the Economic Freedom Fighters’ court proceedings for Mr Zuma’s impeachment. 

We shall also intensify our campaigns on the streets, in Parliament, and everywhere, for as long as Mr Zuma remains in office.” 

AfriForum’s sentiment is similar to that of the UDM. The civil rights organisation said it a pity ANC parliamentary members didn’t seize the opportunity to get rid of a corrupt President. 

To AfriForum’s CEO, Kallie Kriel, Zuma’s survivals of the motion to remove him despite the many corrupt activities he’s been linked to, stressed that a strong civil society is necessary to hold the president and Government accountable.

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In view of that, the Forum disclosed that it will unleash full steam private prosecution to hold corrupt officials accountable.

The failed motion of no confidence “serves as further motivation for AfriForum to proceed full steam in holding corrupt officials accountable by means of private prosecution under the leadership of Adv. Gerrie Nel,” stated the Forum’s CEO.