Facts About Omuhle Gela’s Romance With Baby Daddy Nsovo Mashaba and Other People She has Dated

We live in a world where relationships aren’t always guaranteed to work out no matter the people involved. Like in the case of Omuhle Gela, not even her pregnancy could save her relationship with the father of her child, with whom she briefly had a whirlwind romance. The two have since ended their relationship for reasons best known to them but are still in touch with each other for the sake of the child they had together.

Gela’s baby daddy, Nsovo Mashaba, is a well-known playboy who has a reputation for mingling and having an affair with high-profile ladies, especially celebrity actresses. He also enjoys showing off his bling lifestyle of flashy cars, designer clothes, and other valuables to his fans on Instagram.

Omuhle Gela And Mashaba Kept Their Affair Secret Until Things Quietly Fizzled Out Between Them

The particular period and event that got Gela and Nsovo connected is still a mystery. This is because none of them has actually opened up about their meeting, how their relationship faired, and when it came to an end.

To the best of our knowledge, the actress and the alleged father of her baby are no longer together. The two have gone their separate ways, but details about their separation and the reason they called it quits are still unclear.

Gela welcomed her baby girl in September 2020, one month after confirming her pregnancy. In the caption, she confessed that her heart was full of joy and thankful to God for blessing her with such a little cutie.

Sources have it that Omuhle’s little daughter is so adorable and a spitting image of her beautiful mom. The actress hasn’t revealed her name and her exact date of birth. Being a mom is tough while raising a child as a single mom is tougher, but Gela has shown that she is truly a superwoman. She has been taking care of her bundle of joy with so much grace and joy, which indeed is quite inspiring and commendable.

Her Decision To Keep Her Pregnancy a Secret Could Have Something To Do With Nsovo’s Affair With Mbali

In a social media post the actress shared in August 2020, she shared reasons why she kept her fans in the dark about her pregnancy and the identity of her father. First, she mentioned that she decided to keep a low-profile on her journey to motherhood because it was an “extremely sentimental experience” for her.

Omuhle Gela also admitted that she wanted to privately enjoy every bit of her pregnancy period; hence, the reason she felt it was not newsworthy at that time. Though a lot of people believed her, some others maintained that her decision could have been influenced by her alleged baby daddy’s stable affair with his longtime girl, Mbali Sebapu.

It is believed that she resorted to keeping her pregnancy a secret because she didn’t want to raise some dust or put up a public drama with the father of her child, who is already in love with another. Some sources also claim that Nsovo denied fathering the child while others reported that he said he is not ready to be a dad now.

Sebapu and Nsovo are not married yet, but they’ve been together for a long time. The former is a social media influencer-turned-businesswoman. She left her job at the South African Defence Force (SA NAVY) to follow her passion, and she’s been excelling at it.

Neither Mbali nor Mashaba has commented on Gela’s pregnancy and journey to motherhood. Nsovo, in particular, hasn’t denied or confirmed being the father of the actress’s child.

Is Omuhle Gela A Single Mom?

Yes. The actress is raising her daughter alone as she hasn’t introduced any man as her husband or even shared the identity of the man that made her a mother. Although she has not mentioned it, it is believed that she became a single mother by life’s circumstances and not by choice. Despite how messy her relationship with Mashaba turned out, she has been an excellent and strong mom.

There is so much love between them, and it’s quite incredible. Being the only parent in her child’s life has created a strong and beautiful bond between Omuhle Gela and her little cutie – she is apparently the center of her world. She is also living her best life regardless of how tough the journey has been.

Gela plans to continue building her already thriving career irrespective of the challenges that come with raising a child as a single mom.

The Actress Was Once In A Relationship With A Fellow Celebrity Entertainer

Omuhle Gela is currently single and busy raising her child. She is not in any known relationship with a man but is said to have dated the renowned South African DJ Lulo Café in the past. Information about the duo’s rumored relationship is still under the radar as neither Lulo nor Gela has come out to confirm or deny the report.

DJ Lulo Café is set to become a dad for the fourth time, according to reports. His baby mama is none other than the renowned South African fashion magazine executive, Asanda Sizani, who was also the former Editor-in-Chief of Glamour South African beauty magazine.

The actress has a reputation for being overly protective of her personal life and affairs outside the entertainment industry. She has also been linked to a hunky businessman, but she declined to reveal his identity at that time. Some sources claim that she dated several men in the past, but unfortunately, a comprehensive timeline of her dating history is not open for public scrutiny.

Lesser-Known Facts About Omuhle Gela’s Baby Daddy 

  • He is a business mogul based in South Africa.
  • Mashaba is the general manager of the AM Lodge in Hoedspruit, Limpopo that is situated in Great Kruger National Parker.
  • He is the son of the controversial South African businessman Auswell Mashaba of Swifambo Rail Leasing.
  • He has a huge fan base on Instagram and Twitter, where he shows off his flamboyant lifestyle and wealth.
  • Nsovo Mashaba is from Tsonga ethnic group.

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