Once Again Facebook Disciplines Don Laka Over ‘Apartheid’ Pictures


South African jazz musician and social activist Don Laka has once again incurred the wrath of Facebook which led to shutting down his account.

The music producer shared series of pictures depicting what most people don’t know about the apartheid regime.

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His social media account has been blocked three times this year.

In his opinion, Don described this as ‘pure bullying and victimization’.

“I don’t understand why people are offended by our past. These things happened to our people, we are not making them up,” he said to reporters.

Don Laka has made it a point of duty to share clips from the past in form of pictures.

Among his recent posts is his own Dompass which he had to carry around and some hospital signs from the Apartheid regime. The hospital signs pointed towards the location of European hospital and non-European hospital.

Don Laka

Don Laka

In his argument, Don wondered why the signs didn’t say African and non-African since they are in Africa.

“My FB page was shutdown again for showing our history in pictures…This sign should have read…’Non Africans Hospital’ and ‘Africans Hospital,’ because this is Africa not Europe. Please share,” he wrote in one of the posts.

The musician and songwriter had his Facebook page blocked earlier this year after he took aim at local DJs.

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Don blatantly accused local DJs of “fraud and conflict of interest” in a Facebook rant which evolved into a widespread debate.

Few days after the rant, his Facebook page was disabled.

However, Don remained unfazed by the disciplinary measures Facebook has meted out on him. Instead, he promised to continue sharing information about the history of South Africa and the role played by the Europeans.