Exposed! See 30 Locations Where Hijacking Happens Most In South Africa


Carjacking is widespread in South Africa for hardly will a week go by without stories of stolen vehicles being told. Due to its prevalence, this crime is commonly regarded as ‘hijacking’ by South Africans. As a significant problem in South Africa, many measures have been implemented to help combat carjacking nevertheless, the number of stolen vehicles reported is on the steady increase. Thus, it is necessary to get you acquainted with areas where you stand more chances of being attacked by car thieves. You’ll get to read the addresses of the top 30 carjacking hot-spots in South Africa. Prior to that, below are some tips that might help you avoid or survive carjacking.

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  • Hijackings happens more on Fridays and on Tuesdays in South Africa.
  • Most hijackings occurs in the driveways of residential areas.
  • Hijackers do use vehicles to force their victims off the load.
  • Police or Traffic Officers also conduct hijackings in South Africa.
  • So, check your driveway and street before you leave or enter your premises.
  • Constantly check your rear-view mirror to ensure you are not being followed.
  • Do not be generous, don’t pick up hitch-hikers or strangers.
  • If confronted by hijackers, do whatever You’re asked to by the hijackers;
  • And above all, be vigilant in the carjacking hot-spot areas under-listed below.

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As unveiled by Roodepport record, here are the top hijacking hot-spots in South Africa:

  1. The William Nicol Drive off ramp from the N1 from the Sandton side.
  2.  The corner of Old Pretoria Road and 1st Avenue in Alexandra.
  3.  New Road off ramp in Midrand.
  4.  Riviera Road off ramp near Killarney Mall.
  5.  Intersection of Christiaan de Wet Road and Wilgerood Road in Roodepoort.
  6. All the traffic lights along Louis Botha Avenue between Alexandra and Hillbrow.
  7.  Parkwood and Saxonwold (Rosebank precinct).
  8.  Upper Houghton and Killarney (Hillbrow precinct).
  9. Between 10th and 11th avenues and 4th and 7th avenues in Parkhurst (Parkview precinct).
  10.  Glenhazel, Lombardy East and Sandringham (Sandringham precinct).
  11.  Orange Grove and Highlands North (Norwood precinct).
  12. Yeoville, Bellevue and Bellevue East (Yeoville precinct).
  13.  Wynberg, Bramley, Marlboro and Kew (Bramley precinct).
  14.  Outside Megawatt Park.
  15. The corner of Kelvin Street, Pretoria Road and CR Swart (Kemptonpark precinct).
  16. The corner of Elgin Road and Pretoria Road (Kemptonpark precinct).
  17. Linksfield Road off ramp.
  18. Booysens Road off ramp.
  19. Nelson Mandela Bridge.
  20.  Wolmarans street.
  21. The corner of Harrow Street and Abel Street.
  22.  The corner of Able and Saratoga Street and Harrow Road.
  23. The corner of Jan Smuts Avenue and St Andrews.
  24.  The corner of 17th Street and Krause Street Pageview.
  25. Heidelberg off ramp.
  26. Traffic light on Kyalami Drive.
  27. Beyers Naude off ramp.
  28. Rivonia off ramp.
  29. Midrand Road.
  30. Grayston 11th Street and Rivonia intersections.
  31. Jan Smuts Avenue and William Nicol Drive split in Hyde Park.

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