Exclusive Books Recalls Bonang’s Book, New Edition Under Way


Exclusive Books have released a statement, recalling Bonang’s book which is riddled with grammatical errors and typos.

While the memoir written by the media star has now been pulled out from the market, customers who feel “dissatisfied” with their copy of Bonang’s book, Bonang: From A to B are assured of a full refund of their money if they want.

The bookstore chain released a statement on Twitter today with an apology to its customers who bought the book and are not satisfied with it.

“It is our understanding that the publishers are proceeding with a new edition of the book which we will review and consider stocking at the appropriate time,” the statement read.

This follows the publisher’s move to republish the book which is a biography of media personality Bonang Matheba.

The apology follows social media backlash shortly after the book was released. Readers were quick to spot embarrassing errors such as missing words, incorrect grammar and even Bonang’s birth date was wrongly written. Consequently, they took to Twitter to highlight these errors, with the publisher taking the fall.

In addition to the apology from Exclusive Books, Jacana Media and BlackBird Books also issued a statement on its Facebook page.

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“In response to recent commentary on Bonang Matheba’s book, From A to B, we acknowledge that mistakes happen; it’s how we deal with them that matters. We promise you a new and improved version very soon. If you aren’t satisfied with your purchase and want to return your copy to us, we will send you a brand-new edition as soon as it is available,” read the statement.

Bonang Matheba launched her first book Bonang: From A to B last week at Sandton City’s Diamond Walk on Thursday night and of course, it was a star-studded event.