Except You’re Younger And Richer – Here’s South Africa’s Youngest Multi-Millionaire


Wealth is best gotten and enjoyed at a young age – the younger, the better. Like the hundreds of success tales about prominent billionaires who defied the idea of school, Sandile Shezi once rebelled against school when he “threw into the Forex Market” the entire money given to him as tuition fee for university by his parents. Now at the age of 23 he’s as far as we know, South Africa’s youngest millionaire, and it does not stop there, he is trying to empower others to be as rich as he is.

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Shezi was brought up in a neighbor where according to him, “not a lot of young people and black people” survive and do well for themselves. He however thrived, established himself as one of South Africa’s most successful Forex traders, and as well established the Global Forex Institute – a leading Forex training company in South Africa.

Based on the information on his company’s site, Global Forex Institute is the only company in South Africa that provides Forex Training not for income but to help curb unemployment. The company generates income from trading, their training program is “their way of giving back” to the society, learners can link their accounts to the Global Forex Fund and earn while they learn, most of the training and mentoring provided is without charge and the company has more than 2000 clients.

He initially started trading online through Standard bank where he bought and sold stocks, but later moved over to Forex trading, the currency market known as the biggest financial market with a high-risk rate. Shezi thrived, and is now involved in coaching South Africa and Africa at large in order to help battle unemployment.

Maybe it’s the money but from the way the 23-year-old is confidently teaching and coaching others, one would think he was born doing it. He explained that when he started it was all about the money to feed and to cloth himself but as the company grew and business became more serious, he began to think more about how to take better care of the company, how to provide the best working conditions for his staff and how to give back to a society that is teaming with unemployed people and battling poverty.

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It is equally of interest to a lot of people who have noted that it is not so easy for a black child in South Africa to rise above stereotype and make a success of his life. This is majorly why the story of Sandile Shezi has been an inspiration to the teeming unemployed people who are struggling to make ends meet. Check out the video footage below and see for yourself the rest of his inspiring story.