Ex Finance Minister Trevor Manuel Joins The Parade To Unseat Zuma


Former Minister of Finance Trevor Manuel has joined the quest to unseat President Jacob Zuma by lending his voice to the several others asking him to step down.

It was confirmed in an interview aired on Sowetan TV that Trevor Manuel has joined a growing chorus of struggle veterans who have damned the consequences and publicly criticized the president.

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During the interview, the former finance minister says the country is lost in a deep crisis following the misgivings surrounding the ruling party.

With utmost support for the sentiments displayed by renowned member of African National Congress (ANC) Ahmed Kathrada, who put pen to paper and composed a long and agonizing letter over the weekend calling on President Zuma to resign, Trevor Manuel also believes it is in the best interest of the country for the president to step down.

“A violation of key oath of the office of the head of state which I think is in deep crisis. I think it’s in all of our interests that the president steps aside.”

Trevor Manuel commended the efforts of the courts saying South Africa is lucky to have a system of courts that actually works.

He however added that the two arms of government must work hand in glove for democracy to work out for the good of the nation.

Earlier in March, Rivonia trialist Denis Goldberg smacked President Jacob Zuma, describing him as a failed leader.

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Speaking further before accepting the Human Rights Legacy Honour by ANC’s Gaby Shapiro branch, Goldberg lamented that he felt betrayed by the man he had defended for many years. He decried the state of affairs in the country, describing it as a tragedy.

Goldberg reiterated that he would continue to be fair and bold in his assertions. He further said “For many years I have called for a renewal of the leadership of the ANC from top to bottom and over and over I’ve been asked do you mean President (Jacob) Zuma? and I said, from top to bottom.”