Ex-ANC MP Vytjie Mentor Calls Zuma Sly And Ramaphosa Unstable


Former African National Congress (ANC) MP Vytjie Mentor slammed President Jacob Zuma and his deputy, Cyril Ramaphosa for the wrongs in the SA politics. She said Zuma is sly and Ramaphosa, unstable.

Vytjie Mentor said while addressing members of the media at the Cape Town Press Club on behalf of the SA First Forum (Saff) on Thursday, that President  Jacob Zuma was not ‘his own man’ because his decisions were often determined by what his ‘handlers’ wanted.

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She said this, adding that it was for that reason that the apparatus of the governing party was largely about patronage.

Mentor came in defense of the finance minister Pravin Gordhan who has been involved in a protracted battle with the Hawks. He was summoned by the Hawks to explain a case related to the SA Revenue Service’s alleged ‘rogue unit’.

Gordhan however, refused to present himself for a warning statement against the wish of ANC members who believe he places himself above the law by not honoring the call.

Speaking on this, Vytjie Mentor warned, on behalf of SA First Forum (Saff) that Zuma and his government must ‘hands off Pravin’,

Speaking further on the conduct of the deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa and the bid to make him the next SA president come 2019, Mentor said Ramaphosa blows hot and cold  and was unpredictable.

“I think there are times he resonates with the right things and there are times he does not resonate with the right things‚ I find him‚ he blows hot and cold‚” she said of Ramaphosa.

Mentor and Deputy Minister of Finance Mcebisi Jonas were among other top ANC members who revealed they were offered top government positions by the controversial Gupta family.

She has been largely criticized as a supporter of ANC’s main opposition, DA, which she categorically denied.

“They called me a DA agent‚ which I am not. Hellen Zille is my friend‚” she said, adding that she earlier predicted and warned the ruling party of its failure in most controversial metros.

Vytjie Mentor also accused the leadership of ANCYL, ANCWL and the NEC of being elected on the basis of patronage.

“They are serving the agenda of their master (Zuma). I am not calling for violence‚ but there should be ways to topple patronage.

“If you pinning your hopes in the hands of those in the ANC you pinning your hopes in the hands of beneficiaries of patronage.

“It is not the ANC and its leadership which is going to put this country right. It is the people of this country who will put this country right‚” she said.

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The outspoken former ANC MP called on South Africans to “topple ANC Youth League and ANC Women’s League patronage”. She said that although she was not calling for violence, “it’s not the ANC that can put this country right, but the people of South Africa”.

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