Why Evodia Mogase Divorced Her First Husband and How Old She Is Now

Evodia Mogase divorced her first husband because he was always cheating on her with different girls. While it is known that the entrepreneur and TV personality was born on November 7, the exact year she was born is not known, therefore, it’s hard to tell her age.

Evodia Mogase has built an interesting Persona on The Real Housewives of Johannesburg. She is an iron lady who says what she feels like and does as she pleases, earning for herself the nickname, Madam. In real life, her story is very much different. She is reserved and down to earth but also strong, having passed through a difficult divorce from which she rose again to find love and stability in her life.

The TV personality has achieved a lot in both her love life, which has been blessed with two daughters, and her professional life, and her past story seems very distant.

Quick Profile of Evodia Mogase

  • Date of birth: November 17
  • Place of birth: Diepkloof, Soweto, South Africa
  • Career: Entrepreneur and TV personality
  • Marital Status: Divorced
  • Children: Mercy and Princess Magase

Evodia Mogase Had A Troubling First Marriage That Ended In Divorce

Evodia Mogase

The past life of Madam has not been something she has been very comfortable revealing because of the hurt and pain she was made to go through. She revealed, however, that while she was still a much younger woman, she met a man whose name she has not made known, and the two fell in love and got married.

When she first got married, the reality TV star was not a famous individual. Because of this, not so much is known about the union. We know, however, that the marriage sustained for several years before it finally came crashing down on her.

The marriage came to an end because her former husband was always cheating on her. Evodia Mogase made the revelation that things started falling apart in the marriage when he started cheating on her with different girls, and she caught him many times. She would soon get tired of it all and that was when she decided to end the marriage and start again from the scratch.

The divorce almost destroyed her, but she still held on. She remained in the caravans for two years, even though her parents were willing to receive her had she decided to come back home. The marriage lasted 15 years.

Who Is Evodia Mogase’s First Husband?

Details about who the TV personality and reality star was married to has not been revealed. We know, however, that he was a businessman who had and ran a panel beating company in Limpopo. When they got married, the ex-husband was going through some financial challenges. Evodia came through for him and assisted him to get back on his feet and start his business.

She did not get to benefit from all her labor and contribution to his life and business as he became unfaithful to her, leading to the end of the marriage. When it was time for her to leave the marriage, Evodia Mogase left with nothing but the clothes she was wearing. She left behind all her other properties and wears, as well as her contribution to the company her husband ran.

Eight years after the marriage crashed, Evodia Mogase’s ex-husband reportedly passed away. Details were not given surrounding what led to his death.

It Was Her First Marriage That Produced Mercy Mogase

Mogase may not have many good things to say about her failed marriage, but at least, she has one which might be one of her greatest stories; the birth of her daughter, Mercy Mogase. Even though her date of birth is kept hidden, it is no secret that she is now an adult.

When the marriage ended, Mogase was not only left with having to start from scratch again, she was also left with raising her daughter all alone. The reality star remained homeless for a while before she gradually built herself up and was able to provide a good life for both herself and her daughter.

In the same way that Evodia has ensured not to be talking about her ex-husband, so also Mercy has kept almost all information about her dad in the dark. The two women have formed an alliance in the showbiz first with their appearance on The Real Housewives of Johannesburg. The two later left the show and started their own show, Madam and Mercy. They were inspired by the Kardashian.

Who Has Evodia Mogase Dated Since The Divorce?

Since her divorce from her first marriage, Evodia has stayed away from the dating game and has equally not been seen around with other men. However, in recent times, she has an unnamed partner, with whom she has a daughter and whose pictures she has always shared on her social media. Beyond that, the TV star has not publicly been in any relationship since her divorce from her first husband. She seemed to be more caught up in her work than anything else.

More so, there have been speculations that she probably walked down the aisle for a second time after pictures of her in a wedding gown were shared by her and her daughter on Instagram. However, it turned out to be nothing more than a birthday celebration for Madam.

Love Found The Reality Star Again

Evodia Mogase
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Evodia Mogase decided to give love another chance despite her experience with her first husband. She started a relationship with a man whose identity she has continued to keep well guarded. However, she doesn’t miss any opportunity to celebrate him on her social media handles and declare him as the best there is.

Mogase and her newfound lover have been blessed with a daughter named Princess Cindrella Mogase. She struggled for many years to have another child, but this was not possible as a result of some health challenges she suffered, including fibroids and cysts. She also suffered some miscarriages in the past. Evodia had many injections and fertility treatments before she was able to conceive and have her child.

Today, her two daughters are her world, and she doesn’t hide this fact. She has taught the older all her hard work, helping her to start her own business as a nutrition and fitness expert. Princess is still a little girl to be introduced into any kind of business.

Her Age Has Remained A Mystery

Madam has been in the public light for a long time now, but one aspect of her life that has continued to remain a mystery to many is her actual age. The only thing known about her is that she was born on November 17, in Diepkloof, Soweto, South Africa into the family of Rueben and Louise.

She seemed to have gotten married the first time at a pretty young age as she lasted in the marriage for fifteen years before she ended it in 2009. It was after this age that she made so many other accomplishments, including starting various businesses and a showbiz career.

Looking at how she is going stronger by the day, Mogase hopefully still has many years to live and a lot more to achieve.

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