Everything to Know About Cell C WhatsApp Bundle

Cell C WhatsApp Bundle is a data bundle deal exclusively offered to users of the Cell C network in South Africa. Being one of the most popular OTT services on the network, the Whatsapp bundle is extensively used by Cell C customers for valued transactions, including free texting.

With the Cell C WhatsApp Bundle, customers can freely access their WhatsApp app for a specific number of days. According to the mobile provider, this service does not attract hidden costs. The Whatsapp bundle is one package that makes it easy for customers to keep up with their family and friends.

What Is Cell C WhatsApp Bundle?

As mentioned earlier, the Cell C WhatsApp Bundle is a type of data deal exclusively designed for users of the Cell C network in South Africa. It allows them to get access to usage within the WhatsApp application.

According to Cell C, a usage limit applies. This means that once a customer exhausts the bundle he purchased, he will then be charged from his account of his current tariff plan. To avoid being charged from his account, he must buy another bundle.

Once customers purchase the Whatsapp bundle, they automatically unlock all in-app features, including sending and receiving texts, files, voice notes, viewing friends’ statues, videos, etc.

If a customer migrates to another package tariff plan, his WhatsApp bundle will be carried over to the new package or tariff plan if it is still within its validity period. It is important to note that the Cell C Whatsapp bundle is non-refundable once purchased.

However, you can contact Cell C customer care on 140 to cancel the bundle. WhatsApp bundles cannot be used for outside usage, such as the internet. A customer can choose to buy a WhatsApp bundle for someone else. Use the *147# code to buy each bundle and follow the prompts.

How to Buy WhatsApp Data On Cell C

There are various ways customers can easily buy Whatsapp on the Cell C network. They include:

1. Online

This is one of the platforms to buy your Whatsapp data. Using this platform to buy data is easy and one of the fastest we know.

  • Simply log in to your Cell C account and navigate where you will see available bundles on their self-service options.
  • Go to Whatsapp bundle
  • Indicate the type of bundle you want
  • Make payment

2. Cell C App

The Cell C app makes transactions easy and reliable. To buy a Whatsapp bundle through the app:

  • Log in using your username and password
  • Move to where the available bundles are listed
  • Select Whatsapp bundle
  • Select your preferred bundle type
  • Follow the subsequent steps to make payment.

3. The *147# Code

  • On your phone, simply dial *147#
  • Select option 4
  • Follow the prompts to get it easily sorted out.

4. WhatsApp

  • Simply type “Hell” and send it to 084 4440040.
  • Follow the steps that follow to bundle your Whatsapp bundle

5. The *109# Code

  • Simply dial *109# on your phone and follow the instructions that follow.
  • Your phone will be loaded with a Whatsapp bundle once you complete the process.

6. 140 Line

You can also call the Cell C customer care line via 140 and request the WhatsApp Bundle to be loaded onto your account.

What Is Cell C Whatsapp Code?

The Cell C Whatsapp code is *147#. To buy a bundle, simply dial it and then select option 4. To carry out other transactions apart from buying a bundle, dial *147# and select any number corresponding to the transaction you want to carry out.

How To Use Cell C WhatsApp Data Bundle Code

The Cell C Whatsapp data bundle is *147#. Simply dial the digits on your phone to get started. You don’t have to have airtime or an active data bundle to pull through this one. Once you input the USSD code on your phone, the next step is to press OK or send.

You will then receive subsequent messages on how to successfully make the transaction. You need a working network to pull through. With this code, you can also carry out other Whatsapp bundle-related transactions. Just pay attention to every pop-up message on your phone as they come.

What Does Cell C Whatsapp Bundle Include?

The Cell C Whatsapp bundle comprises five options that customers can choose from. Option 1 is the 250MB bundle, which costs R5 and expires at midnight. Option 2 is the 300MB bundle which customers pay R10 for. Its validity period is three days.

Then, option 3 is the 500MB bundle. This costs R15 and expires after seven days. The 600MB option lasts for 15 days and costs R20. Lastly, the 1GB expires at the end of 30 days, costing R29.

Inclusive Anytime Data Validity Price
250MB Until Midnight R5
300MB 3 Days R10
500MB 7 Days R15
600MB 15 Days R20
1GB 30 Days R29
    Depending on the option you want, the Whatsapp bundle will be automatically loaded unto your account once you complete payment for it. For help, clarification, or ratification on the Whatsapp bundle, simply reach out to customer care representatives.

How To Convert Airtime To WhatsApp Bundles On Cell C

Cell C is yet to officially publish the exact steps to take if a customer wants to convert his airtime to Whatsapp bundles. Regardless, you can try this process by dialing *147# or *109#.

You can also try to use their self-service online and their app to see if you can pull through. Lastly, feel free to contact their customer care unit for support and guidance on doing it.

Is WhatsApp Still Free On Cell C?

Whatsapp usage for Cell C customers is free and has been since 2014. The mobile provider had announced in September 2014 that their customers would be allowed to enjoy Whatsapp for free from 19th October 2014. Nothing has changed since then, as customers have been benefiting from their free Whatsapp service.

WhatsApp usage is free to all existing and new contract customers and all Prepaid customers on MegaBonus. Cell C users do not incur any data charges when they send pictures, voice messages, videos, and text messages via WhatsApp because it is free of charge.

How To Send A Whatsapp Bundle On Cell C

To send a Whatsapp bundle on Cell C, follow the steps below.

  • Dial *112*1#
  • Select option 2
  • Enter the Cell C number you wish to send the WhatsApp Bundle to.


  1. The number you want to send the Whatsapp bundle to must be a valid Cell C phone number or a ported-in number.
  2. You can add up to 5 beneficiaries to send a WhatsApp Bundle.

How To Check WhatsApp Bundle On Cell C

Checking the Whatsapp bundle on Cell C is quite an easy one. It can be done in two ways.

  • Via the Cell C app

Start by logging in using your password and username. Once you pull through, navigate to where there’s information on your Whatsapp bundle. You will find out when your bundle will expire and its balance there.

  • Via *147#

Once you dial *147# on your phone, follow the on-screen pop-up message to find out your bundle balance, expiry date, etc.

Can My Remaining Data From A Cell C Whatsapp Bundle Be Rolled Over?

No. According to Cell C, certain bundles cannot be rolled over, and the Whatsapp bundle is one of them. Others include:

  • Campaign data (any data given to the customer for them to act as part of a campaign).
  • Black data (any data given for specific use on black).
  • ShoutOut bundles
  • Prepaid Reward data (any data given to the customer on recharge on plans like MegaData/SupaCharge)
  • Facebook data – any data provided for specific use on Facebook (Connector plans)

However, the following data are compatible with rollover:

  • 30-day/ calendar month validity data bundles
  •  Daily nite bundles
  •  365-day validity data bundles
  • Inclusive data (i.e., data that is included on a voice/data contract)
  • Daily data bundles
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