Everything About SONA Proved That South Africa Is Indeed A Confused Banana Republic


Thanks to SONA 2016; it came and proved that Mzansi is not just a banana republic, but a confused and unorganized one. Many times it’s been said that South Africa is a banana republic. But many have been reluctant to accept the title for their rainbow nation.

Kidding kids are more organized in their “kiddiest” kidding(s) than what we saw yesterday at SONA. I was waiting for the country to have a heart attack, collapse, and die in that state of pathetic confusion. It’s still a miracle how the nation manages to survive every time we bring our disaster to her.

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First, it was shockingly disgustful when ANC and Ses’Khona People’s Rights Movement members prior to the SONA, threw stones, bottles and hard objects at the riot police in Plein Street insisting that they “have to close in on the parliamentary precinct to protect democracy and the president.” “From what?”

Of course before SONA, the untamed Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) who obviously find it difficult to make a point without running wild, promised to be uncivil.

To keep their vow, when it was about time for the President to give his address, EFF MP Floyd Shivambu raised a point of order. Speaker Baleka Mbete replied that she would “not like to give attention” to the matter at present and the EFF lord screamed “allow us to speak!”

They followed that up with jests as their spokesperson Mbuyiseni Ndlozi referred to Mbete as his “international award-winning speaker of non-violence”. Apparently ridiculing Mbete’s Martin Luther King Legacy Award which she was honored with last month, Malema added; “”You are winning awards now. Carry on like that. This kind of behavior will stop you from winning more awards.”

After that, EFF king referred to the President’s relationship with the influential Gupta family. He started a “Zupta must fall” chant stating that the EFF “does not recognize him as our president. He is not our president.”

They then proceeded to host what they regarded as the “real SONA” at the parliamentary precinct where the EFF leader said;

…this is a man who has not put the interests of South Africa first. This is a man who has not protected the Constitution. This is a man who has said the ANC comes first, not the country…we had to go inside and say that, to us, he doesn’t exist and we will never respect him. This man who is speaking here is the same who has said that he has breached the oath of office.”

The EFF were not the only opposition party that troubled SONA. The Congress of the People (COPE) did too. The leader, Mosiuoa Lekota like a bullet you can’t trace the direction it came from, fired that the President “broke his oath of office and is no longer honorable. We can’t listen to someone who has broken his oath. He is no longer fit to lead our people,” Lekota declared.

Also, when the President was about to discuss the plans on what to do to remedy the dying economy, DA MPs screamed “Your resignation!”

The whole SONA affair showed how disorganized our country is. The DA shouldn’t just wait for Mr Zuma to resign, Cope ought to do more than state Zuma is unfit to rule, and the EFF just has to be more civil with their oppositions.

The opposition parties really have to engage South African more if they really thing Zuma is the problem of South Africa. They can take cue from what happened it Nigeria. The ruling PDP party in the country was toppled after disagreeing opposition parties merged with an ultimate purpose of changing the country for good.

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