Every Universal Branch Code for Major Banks in South Africa

Universal branch code makes banking easier and more secure. In most cases when you are carrying out a transaction to an account belonging to your bank, you are not required to enter a branch code because other internet banking sites have your bank’s universal branch code already set up in their system. In South Africa, people can choose from banks that either have universal branch codes or banking institutions that have individual codes for every branch. So, it’s up to you to make that choice.

What Is The Universal Branch Code Of a Bank? 

A universal branch code is also known as a generic or common branch code. It is a unique code that is assigned to a bank for all of its branches. With this code, you can carry out a transaction irrespective of the branch an account was opened.

The use of the universal branch code makes banking easier and it is user-friendly when it comes to banking matters. The codes unarguably save a lot of stress and time and also makes it easy for the bank to process your transaction. In South Africa, most banks now make use of universal branch code to foster a user-friendly banking experience among their clients.

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Universal branch codes basically simplify the process of making internet payments. It is most beneficial to internet banking users who struggle with branch codes and often make payments on the internet.

List Of Banks in South Africa and Their Universal Branch Codes

In recent times, a lot of banks in South Africa have adopted diverse banking policies that are in line with international standards. The use of the universal branch code is one of such policies that have been introduced by top banks in the country to foster a smooth, hitch-free, and quick banking experience among users.

If you want to bank with a South African financial institution using a universal branch code, the section below contains their names and their universal branch codes.

  • ABSA Bank (632005)
  • Bank of Athens (410506)
  • Bidvest Bank (462005)
  • Nedbank (198765)
  • SA Post Bank (460005)
  • Standard Bank (051001)
  • Capitec Bank (470010)
  • FNB (254005)
  • Investec Private Bank (580105)

Differences Between Branch Code and Generic  Branch Code

The difference between a branch code and a universal branch code is always a subject of interest among most customers of South African banks. While most people are acquainted with these terms, others have no idea of what they actually are. If you belong to the last category, we’ve got you covered. You will find the difference between universal branch code and branch below.

Branch Code

The branch code of a particular bank simply tells the area where that branch is situated. it is a unique code for identification that is assigned to a bank for each and every branch of that particular bank. In the world of finance, each branch of a bank is easily recognized by its branch code and these branch codes are known by different names across the world.

Before the introduction of the universal branch code, branch code was formerly used to complete online payments. The code, which is a simple 6-digit number, also helps banks validate online payments.

It is also important to note that the branch code of a bank branch helps in distinguishing one branch from another. This code is mostly found on their website, passbooks, as well as checkbooks. You can find your bank’s code on any of them. The branch code is mostly used by people who do mobile banking, as well as internet banking.

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It’s always difficult to find branch codes due to the fact that banks have thousands of branches across the country. But the same cannot be said of the universal branch code. It is important to note that a branch code is usually used when processing payment within the country and it is mostly located on your bank’s card.

Generic Branch Code

Unlike a branch code, the generic or universal branch code is issued to a particular bank for use by all of its branches irrespective of their location. The universal branch code also enables a bank’s customer to have a smooth and quick internet transaction, especially if it has to do with quick payment to a friend or family or any other form of banking on the internet.

All you have to do is quickly set your friends or family up as recipients with the universal branch code in your bank account and then go ahead to make payments to them whenever you want at any time with mobile apps or internet banking.

Most websites usually ask for a universal branch code during internet transactions. As far as banking is concerned, the use of the generic branch code is one of the most user-friendly options. The option is designed just to satisfy the user experience in banking with financial institutions.

Unlike the branch code, the universal code is issued by the central bank.

Quick Summary

  • A universal branch code is issued by the central bank while a branch code is not.
  • Generic branch codes make online transactions easier and faster.
  • Branch codes tell specifically where a particular branch of a bank is located while a bank uses the same universal branch codes across its branches in a country.
  • The generic branch is more user-friendly.

Similarities Between Both Codes

  • They are used for internet banking and telephone banking.
  • They can be found on the website.

Where To Find Your Bank’s Generic Branch Code

Unlike the branch code that can be found on your bank’s card, checkbook, and passbook, however, some banks in South Africa (including Capitec Bank) only offer their customers the universal code when they search on the website. You could find the tables below useful.

Standard Bank Branch Code

Branch Name Branch Code
Standard Bank Tyger Manor 050410
Standard Bank Claremont 025109
Standard Bank Thibault Square 020909
Standard Bank Kromboom 026209
Standard Bank Blue Route 025609
Standard Bank Constantia 025309
Standard Bank Kolonnade 015945
Standard Bank Sandton City 018105
Standard Bank Vereeniging 014637
Standard Bank Summerstrand 050017

Nedbank Branch Code

Branch Name Branch Code
Nedbank Branch Code Port Elizabeth 121317
Nedbank Business Southern Peninsula 123209
Nedbank Stellenbosch 119210
Nedbank Sandown 193305
Nedbank Gateway 189905
Nedbank Irene Village Mall 148345
Nedbank East London 125421
Nedbank Booysens 198005
Nedbank Barberton 101004

ABSA Branch Code

Branch Name Branch Code
ABSA Ithala bergville 756926
ABSA Ithala Dalton 756226
ABSA Ithala Gardiner street 754126
ABSA Ithala Phlani valley 756626
ABSA Van Der Walt Street 630827
ABSA Tom Street Potchefstroom 335538
ABSA Mahube 630602
Mkhuhlu ABSA 630240
ABSA mossel bay 420014
ABSA Table bay mall 630793
ABSA Middelburg Mall 630397
ABSA Moloto 630604
ABSA East London 635421
ABSA Fish Hoek 334309
ABSA Polokwane 334248
ABSA Branch code Vanderbijlpark 630237
ABSA Bloemfontein 517734
ABSA Preller Square 630227
ABSA Secunda 334644
ABSA Kuilsriver 523810
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