Why Every Company Needs The Social Media


We are in the age of the social media. Social media is one the most powerful marketing platforms there is now.

People have become powerful celebrities because of it, companies have risen and fallen because of it, business empires have been built through social media; not to mention the unlimited amount career opportunities that have been engineered through multiple social platforms.

The long and short of it – social media is more powerful than you probably give it credit for.

The unfortunate truth is that most people do not know what the social media is capable of – they see it as something fun or just a means to connect with friends and stay in touch with family.

There are even some people who avoid social media because they think it’s a joke. But if you make the effort to understand it then you will definitely be able to use it your advantage.

One of the best and most useful ways to utilize social media is to use it to grow your business, regardless of what you do, social media can be a very capable tool to grow your business, company or organization. With its unlimited possibilities, here is why every company needs social media and how to use it to grow your business.


One of the most beautiful things about social media is the fact that people from all walks of life, countries, religion, sex and class over the world occupy the same space.

As a result, being on social media (and the use of the right hashtags) allows your business to be seen by many people who would have otherwise not had access to your business and products. You will able to find customers from the far reaches of the earth that would have previously been inaccessible to you.

You will able to find customers from the far reaches of the earth that would have previously been inaccessible to you.

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Because of the ‘Visibility’ mentioned above, social media now provides your business an opportunity to grow. There are many digital influencers and businesses that have been born and matured entirely on social media.

With the right content, followers are sure to come and once you gain a sizeable amount of followers, especially interactive followers, other businesses will pay you to advertise their products, even artists and event planners will also pay you to advertise their upcoming events. This provides an alternate source of income that may not have been on your horizon.

The advertisement opportunities from social media are virtually unlimited because once you gain visibility across your country and across different countries, you are now capable of sourcing advertisements from multiple countries as well.



Another reason companies need social media is because in this day and age, there is no business, school, church, club, gym or restaurant that does not have social media. So if you are a business in this day and age without an active social media page, it will be hard for readers and customers to trust your business.

Thing is, once people who choose to interact with you on social media (because it’s easier) are incapable of reaching you, they immediately assume that you are behind on the times or you are simply lazy, this breeds mistrust in your brand and in your business.

The fact is, most businesses today want maximum visibility and social media is one of the easiest ways to get that, so if your business does not have a social media presence – the question will become ‘why don’t you want one?’ Which will lead to speculative answers from customers such as ‘you’re hiding something’ and/or ‘you’re lazy’. Either way, you become an untrusted brand.

However, an active social media page where you can build your brand and regular interactions with customers makes you more accessible and as such easily trustworthy, which is a key ingredient in growing your business.

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Interact With Your Customers

Social media provides a unique opportunity that allows the followers to comment, direct message and like posts by their favorite celebrities, companies, business and digital influencers. The same can be applied to your business. Through these interactions you are likely to quickly find out the strengths and weaknesses of your business and then with this logic, you can build on your strengths and work on your weakness.

Regular interactions with your customers and constant positive feedback shows that your business can be trusted, which in turn leads to more advertising opportunities and traffic for your business.

Traffic Growth


An informative, trendy, attractive and up to date social media page is enough to attract followers and potential customers. Once your social media page is attractive enough to get the attention of people, the online community becomes curious about you, they want to know who you are and what you do.

This will, in turn, lead them to your website and/or your doorstep. If your product and customer service is of top notch caliber, it will keep them coming back; it might even lead to word of mouth marketing because they will, in turn, recommend your legitimacy to other interested customers or buyers.

This is literally one of the key elements and necessity of social media for any growing business. The benefits of visibility, customer interaction, advertisement and all that was mentioned above will help increase traffic for the business.

Find out What Your Competitors Are Doing

Because social media pages are literally easily accessible by just about anyone, this is a great tool –that does not require industrial espionage – to keep an eye on what your competitors are doing. By following their pages you can see what works for them and adopt it to grow your business and you can see what did not work for them and prevent spending your time, money or investment on what failed for your competitors.

You can also use this avenue to analyze what all your competitors are doing (not just one) and be able to effectively analyze the market of your trade and collect info which you can use to grow your platform and your business – the best part, you acquire all your data FOR FREE.

With all these benefits, and nothing to lose, it only makes sense to build a dedicated social network for your business and company; this sort of proactiveness will definitely take your business to greater heights.