Eish! Euphonik Shuts Down The Cassper Nyovest Challenge


After a picture of rapper Cassper Nyovest posing with his two Bentleys went viral, fans started what can be called the Cassper Nyovest Challenge.

The challenge started when Cassper uploaded a snapshot of him standing on his two state of the art cars just in time for his birthday. As a result, the Cassper Nyovest Challenge was born.

This saw many people tweeting and sharing images of themselves standing on a lot of things including people, cars and other things you can’t even imagine.

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The internet craze saw fans posing in some hilarious ways in the bid to look like Cassper on his cars. The challenge became even more interesting when some of Mzansi’s celebs including Pearl Thusi joined in.

Nevertheless, while y’all were having fun marveling at the rapper’s collection of expensive rides on the Cassper Nyovest challenge, radio personality Euphonik was waiting for the right moment to shut the whole thing down.

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Using just one tweet, Euphonik threw a massive shade at the whole challenge. He let everyone know exactly what it feels like to swim in the ocean of wealth. For Euphonik he would rather stand on his property deeds than some flashy cars.

Apparently, his idea of showing off wealth is quite different from Cassper’s.

Euphonik who aims to become a billionaire in the near future takes pride in the fact that he’s a property mogul. The radio jock reportedly owns 41 properties around the country. Most of his properties consist of student accommodation houses and apartments. And that’s exactly how he feels one should display their wealth and assets.

Talk about levels!

Meanwhile, Cassper thanked his fans yesterday for helping him nab the guys who vandalised his Bentley while he was in the club partying.

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