eThekwini Installs Water Restrictors To Curb Water Abuse


As the the fight for more water continues in most provinces in south Africa, eThekwini has taken a step further to curb water abuse by introducing water restrictors that will help conserve water in the municipality.

While the hope for more rainfall still lingers, the eThekwini Municipality in KwaZulu-Natal pledged to install 500 000 restrictor washers in all household water meters

KwaZulu-Natal happens to be one of the areas devastated by drought which killed cattle and destroyed crops and last year, the area was declared a disaster area.

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Speaking on the harsh effect of drought on the country, president Jacob Zuma has asked people not to attach much spiritual consequences to it.

The president who was addressing more than 10 000 people who gathered at a drought relief imbizo at the Melmoth sports grounds of KwaZulu-Natal, told the people that the drought in the country was not a curse for people’s sins, but was caused by climate change.

Encouraging them to remain hopeful for a long lasting rain that will put drought to an end, Zuman said:

“They say after the drought, we will have heavy rains that will have devastating effects, that the rains will even tear down houses. After that there will be floods. All of this is climate change.

“I don’t want us to say we are… cursed because of our sins. The way we live life here on earth has affected our climate.”

However, the municipality Head of Water and Sanitation, Ednick Msweli, said installing water restrictors is very important to help water management in the municipality. He added that the project will cost R50 million.

“The water restrictors that we are installing are important… the public needs to know we won’t be coming inside the house and doing any work inside the house. Our people will just go the meter – they install the washer there.” Msweli said.

The city has contracted 80 companies to work on the installation of the washers; they say the work force employed will enable for 2 500 restrictors a day.

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