Penny Sparrow Threatened With Rape After Racist Rant


It’s crystal clear that estate agent Penny Sparrow is currently at sixths and sevens after her racist rant, where she compared black beach-goers littering on Durban beach to monkeys.

The realtor went into hiding after the inflammatory comment posted on her Facebook page went viral in January.

Sparrow, who became afraid of her own shadow and subsequently went into hiding disclosed to a local daily in her safe-house in Johannesburg, that she had been severally threatened with rape by a good number of aggrieved persons.

“The threats were terrible… my phone was so busy that I couldn’t dial out. There were terrible death threats. People said they were going to bomb my house and people sent pictures of naked women and saying I was going to be raped… it was shocking,” she said.

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She said it dawned on her that she really served a racist dish of very high quality when her daughter also received similar telephonic threats and was avoided by many people.

Sparrow added that, she had not only been verbally knocked black and blue, she was also deported to Johannesburg and was unable to see her family, grandchildren and great grandchildren.

“My daughter took her phone to the police [to show them the threats] and to this day nothing has been done about it. I moved because of the threats, my whole family is in Scottburgh and I am a great grandmother.

I had to leave to pull the threat away from my family and it has been very upsetting. I can’t go back and I have been pulled away from my family and now I can’t see them because of something I didn’t mean,” she said.

Sparrow said it didn’t take her too long to see the light of her inflammatory rant as she was immediately dismissed from her place of work after the incidence.

“I can’t work anywhere… people are too scared to be involved with me. I stayed in PMB for a while and then I have spent a week here and there in Johannesburg with friends… I have paid such a heavy cost for this,” she lamented.

However, estate agent Penny Sparrow is already swallowing her bitter pill after she was fined R15,000 and interdicted from further hate speech. She was ordered by Magistrate Irfaan Khalil to pay the money to the Oliver and Adelaide Tambo Foundation within 60 days for her “reprehensible” post.

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Online Crowd-Funding For Penny Sparrow

Meanwhile, Sparrow is yet at the centre of another storm, having incurred lots of criticism by many social media users, who slammed the idea of launching two fund-raising campaigns to help her pay off her fine.

Two pages were opened on YouCaring, a “compassionate crowd-funding” website by two South Africans. One of the pages, the “Help Penny Sparrow” page is managed by a Helgard Muller while the other, the “Lets HELP Penny Sparrow pay her fine!” page is managed by a Nathalie Moolman.

However, many are advised from Sparrow’s case, also, racists across the world are advised to let go of the differences in skin colour because the reason why the human race is one is because ‘we all have red blood’.