Murder Of Eskom Staff Thembisile Yende: More Shocking Details Emerge


Eskom staff Thembisile Yende murder accused David Ngwenya has been denied bail at the Springs Magistrate’s Court in the east of Johannesburg.

The 44-year-old (a technician at Eskom) is being charged with premeditated murder. He allegedly murdered Yende, after he suspected that she would expose his involvement in a copper cable theft syndicate.

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The court heard that the suspect had engaged in heated altercations with the deceased several times, due to work-related issues, and that they had known each other for more than a year, with the suspect allegedly visiting Yende at her place of work occasionally.

In his argument, Ngwenya via his lawyer Advocate Francois Roets requested the court to grant him bail. He said that he is a first time offender, won’t evade trial and that the state’s case against him is weak.

The court, after careful thoughts, declined to oblige Ngwenya’s application to be released on bail.

Last Tuesday, Roets had argued that, if Ngwenya is released on bail, he would pose no flight risk, as there is a low likelihood that he would frustrate the interests of justice if released.

State prosecutor Abrie Claasens objected Roets’ assertions, citing that investigating officer Colonel Christo Lotz’s evidence shows Yende was brutally murdered. He asked that bail to be denied.

More Shocking Details

A state witness, a Sangoma, claimed that Ngwenya approached him to be cleansed after the murder and confessed to the killing.

This was confirmed by Investigating officer Colonel Christo Lotz, who testified that the sangoma had told the police everything that the three suspects said. He claimed they asked him to make them “invisible” to investigating officers and to clear any bad omens around them.

Lotz also told the court that Yende’s mother had shown him emails she [Yende] sent before she died, detailing how scared she was due to the dispute between her and Ngwenya.

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A post-mortem result revealed that Yende died after she hit over the head with an object, as well as strangulation and suffocation.

State Prosecutor  Claasens said when Ngwenya was arrested, a set of keys matching those of the room where Yende was found, were found on him.