Eskom Slams The DA With A Criminal Charge


It all started when The Democratic Alliance (DA) Shadow Minister of Public Enterprise Natasha Mazzone showed up at the South African electricity public utility head office in Sunninghill with not lass than 30 DA members, demanding to hand a petition to Eskom CEO Brain Molefe. It later unfolded that the petition was calling on Eskom’s executives to pay back R63 million of the bonuses they received.

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The DA Shadow Minister of Public Enterprises argued that “since load-shedding began in 2008, Eskom executives have received over R73m in bonuses. This is an insult to hard-working South Africans, who continue to struggle without a stable supply of electricity.”

Commenting on the issue, Eskom related that the DA group which arrived without prior approval, proceeded to occupy the reception area demanding to see Eskom Group Chief Executive Mr Brian Molefe.

“This action by the DA was unnecessary. It was cheap politicking and electioneering of the worst kind. More so because the issues raised in the petition are the same issues that have been raised in Parliament, which have been addressed several times,” Eskom stated.

With that, the power utility outlet slammed the opposition party with a criminal charge yesterday alleging that the DA contravened the Regulation of Gatherings Act.

Speaking, Eskom Spokesperson Khulu Phasiwe stated that

“The law in terms of the gathering act says that if you are more than 15 people you have to gain prior approval.”

To him, that was not the case as the DA aside arriving under the guise of coming for a meeting with a senior manager, ambushed Eskom and “occupied the reception area in a rowdy manner”.

Phasiwe related that Chief Executive only agreed to accept the petition in order to diffuse the situation. “We have dealt with hundreds of parliamentary questions of which 11 dealt with the issue of remuneration in the past three years…Over the last three years Eskom has not paid bonuses.” The executive agreed “that if there is going to be load shedding, we are not going to give anyone bonuses,” he said, dismissing the DA’s claim of executives being paid bonuses while the masses struggle without a stable supply of electricity as false.

BuzzSouthAfrica later learnt that Eskom will be slamming the DA with another charge of fraud. It was revealed that after Eskom investigated the DA’s petition, it was uncovered that the information of some of the signatories of the petition cannot be authenticated.

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