Eskom Destroying Key Documents To Protect Molefe


South Africa’s official opposition party, the Democratic Alliance (DA) has learnt from “good authority” that Eskom is destroying key documents in order to protect Molefe from the troubles likely to come his way, over his reinstatement as Eskom’s CEO.

Is Eskom destroying key documents? Does Eskom, and possibly the Board, have something to hide? DA asked and stated thus:

“The DA has it on good authority that Eskom is currently in the process of destroying key documents and correspondence relating to the Molefe fiasco.”

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With that, the party charged that the Minister of Public Enterprise, Lynne Brown must investigate and confirm if Eskom is truly destroying key documents.

“… If this is the case, (She) must ensure that no further documents are destroyed.

“This information combined with the series of revelations over the last week only strengthen the DA’s call for an urgent and full-scale Parliamentary inquiry into what is actually going on at Eskom.

“The sooner this inquiry begins, the better. Not only for restoring Eskom but in the greater public interest,” DA contended.

Meanwhile, Parliament’s Public Enterprises Committee has asked Eskom to within 14 days, hand over documents which it will use to base its inquiry into the reinstatement of Mr Molefe as Eskom Chief Executive Officer.

The ultimatum follows the claim by representatives of the power utility which appeared before Parliament yesterday to justify Molefe’s reinstatement.

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As it happend, the representatives in Parliament contended that Molefe’s reinstatement is alright because he never resigned as Eskom’s CEO but was on unpaid leave.

To the ruling party – ANC, the claim that Molefe was on unpaid leave is disingenuous. The party issued a statement that read:

“This is in direct contradiction to Mr Molefe’s own statement when he left the utility… and Minister Brown’s letter…where she approved the appointment of Mr Koko as Acting Group CEO following ‘the resignation of Mr Brian Molefe’.

“Not only are these latest developments disingenuous, to say the least, they amount to perjury,” ANC upheld.

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