Rejoice! Eskom Has Promised To Keep Lights On This Winter


Despite the severe weather conditions South Africa has already started experiencing, the country’s electricity public utility, Eskom promised that there will be steady power supply this winter.

Noting that the past few weeks signalled the start of winter which indicated the impact the weather conditions will have on electricity distribution networks, the company asserted that it’s committed to continuing keeping the lights on.

The public utility has initiated a plan to guarantee the commitment. The company’s Group Executive for Distribution, Mongezi Ntsokolo said it was designed to ensure that the public, Eskom staff and environmental safety are Eskom’s priority.

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According to Ntsokolo, the company’s Distribution Customer Centric Winter Plan has been activated. And, it’s expected that it will ensure that Eskom’s networks are able to cope with the extreme weather conditions, increased electricity demand, respond and restore network faults timeously.

Ntsokolo added that part of the plan is to prevent and implement measures that will assist in avoiding possible equipment failures and incidents.

Also, the plan includes the management of the network delivery failures for the national and provincial networks in winter, the implementation of emergency preparedness plans to manage power system interruptions that might materialise and the increased capacity of Eskom’s customer contact centre.

“During this winter,” Ntsokolo said, “temperatures will continue to drop and Eskom calls on all customers to continue to use electricity sparingly.

“Customers also need to be vigilant of the risks of illegal electricity connections and we urge public support in reporting illegal activities like cable and electricity theft,” Ntsokolo warned.

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Meanwhile, the public utility will be partnering with Huawei to accelerate digital transformation in the power industry through the development of IoT, cloud, communications and cyber security solutions that will enable a smart grid that delivers efficient, reliable and affordable energy to consumers.