Eskom Boss Molefe, Says The Guptas Were Witch Hunted


Brian Molefe, Eskom Boss has risen in defense of the affluent Gupta family saying the family was subject to massive witch hunt by south Africans.

Molefe who was speaking at the power utility’s annual results presentation, said the Guptas has gone through trial in a ‘kangaroo court’ and implied they have been subject to a witch hunt.

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The Eskom boss said this while tackling the various banks that shut down the Gupta’s company accounts, saying it was a dangerous practice to simply close accounts without giving reasons.

Life in South Africa for the Gupta family has in the in recent months, been hash and unfavorable as they become the centerpiece in discourse related to “state capture” in the country.

Banks having business relation with the family went on to shut down their businesses as the family was accused ousing its relationship with president Jacob Zuma and his family to secure lucrative government contracts, and influence the appointment of government officials who are loyal to them.

Yet, the family has not been charged or convicted of any crimes related to these accusations and the office of the public protector is yet to release proof of the said allegation.

Eskom Boss reiterates that the Guptas were Treated unjustly

The Eskom CEO condemned the banks in SA saying they were not being fair on the family considering that many companies and people criminally charged and convicted of fraud and collusion, still operates their various account freely have accounts open at the banks.

“It is a dangerous culture. I have been to Limpopo where people were burnt alive because people were saying they were witches,” Molefe said. “I am interested in the reasons (for closing their accounts).”

On the accusation that Eskom had secretly awarded the Gupta-owned mining company Tegeta Exploration a contract worth R564 million, Eskom’s group executive for generation Matshela Koko,  said that Eskom needed the coal from Tegeta, and Tegeta needed money to get it.

He also blamed the banks for being the brain behind the whole issue by closing the family’s accounts.

“They required the cash, but their bank account had been closed and they had just made payment to Glencore,” he said.

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Eskom Boss, Molefe further explained that the business was necessary in order to save the family’s company from collapsing.

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