Erection Of Zuma Statue: Here’s What AfriForum Thinks


According to AfriForum, the erection of Zuma statue in Groot Marico, North West is uncool because the millions the government of the province wants to spend on the project “could be applied in a far better manner.”

On behalf of the civil rights organisation, Hendrik Oosthuizen –  AfriForum’s District Coordinator for North West – expressed that the erection of Zuma statue is entirely inappropriate considering the high levels of corruption and poverty in South Africa.

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Oosthuizen contended that a statue of President Zuma cannot be erected because he among other things:

  1. Has 783 charges of fraud against him;
  2. is involved in a Nkandla scandal where millions were unlawfully spent on his house; and
  3. is responsible for an enormously high unemployment level that contributes to critical circumstances and poverty.

Adding that the R6 million the North West province intends to spend on the “inappropriate statue” could be applied in a far better manner, Oosthuizen listed that the money can be used to:

  1. buy more than 100 000 bags of tar for the repair of potholes;
  2. appoint about 36 new police officers in North West to promote rural safety where farm murders are rampant among other crimes;
  3. upgrade and maintain infrastructure;
  4. pay about 1 200 unschooled workers; or
  5. pay a total of 31 new high school teachers for a year.

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Based on the foregoing, AfriForum submitted a PAIA application in terms of the Promotion of Access to Information Act (Act No. 2 of 2000) to the office of Supra Mahumapelo, Premier of the North West.

From our gatherings, AfriForum in the application, requested for the following information:

The minutes of meetings of the Provincial Legislator, notifications in the media and all relevant documentation on the budget and cost of this project.