Penny Sparrow’s ‘Dirty Money’ Could Be Rejected By Foundation


The Oliver and Adelaide Tambo Foundation will engage in long and careful consideration on whether it will accept or reject Penny Sparrow’s R150 000 fine imposed on her by Equality Court Scottburgh.

The amount was imposed on the controversial estate agent by the Equality Court on June 11 after her racist comments in January.

The Oliver and Adelaide Tambo Foundation chief executive, Mavuso Msimang, who commented on Sparrow’s case on Wednesday opined that, there is need to deliberate on the issue because Sparrow has shown the world that she is an ‘unrepentant racist’.

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Msimang gave Sparrow a piece of his mind, asserting that subsequent reports showed that the realtor never showed remorse over her inflammatory speech.

“It is clear from reports that she doesn’t believe that she is guilty of hate speech… [or that] calling people monkeys is hate speech. She thinks it doesn’t make her a racist.”

According to Msimang, should he be given the opportunity to decide, he will reject Sparrow’s dirty money outright.

“I just would not take these funds myself. But the matter is for the board to decide. I honestly don’t know what they will do. Some will say these funds could go to good causes, but others may view it as dirty money.”

He said the fine and interdiction against further hate speech by the Equality Court Scottburgh is the most triumphant aspect of Sparrow’s rant. “I think the punishment is very fitting. This is the kind of person we do not need in society,” he added.

Justice Website Moves To Block Help After Equality Court Scottburgh Imposition

Meanwhile,, a social justice campaign website – has moved to block two crowd-funding pages launched by two South Africans to help Sparrow pay off the fine.

Speaking via a written petition, Campaigner, Nqaba Mpofu said, such move will only end up encouraging other racists to get away with racism.

“We, the undersigned, ask that you close down any crowd-funding campaigns started by fellow racists in an attempt to raise money for her. By allowing such a campaign, you will effectively be endorsing racism,” the petition reads.

In addition, the social justice campaign website postulated that a fine with no criminal record is a mere a slap on the wrist.

As at Monday morning,, had received 38 of 100 signatures for a petition to get crowdfunding organisations to ban pages dedicated to raising funds for Sparrow.

Yesterday, Sparrow disclosed to a local daily in her safe-house in Johannesburg, that she had been severally threatened with rape by a good number of aggrieved persons.

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“The threats were terrible… my phone was so busy that I couldn’t dial out. There were terrible death threats. People said they were going to bomb my house and people sent pictures of naked women and saying I was going to be raped… it was shocking,” she explained.

The estate agent also confessed that it didn’t take her too long to see the light of her inflammatory rant as she was immediately dismissed from her place of work after the incident.