Wage Increase For EPWP Participants


Information from the National Department of Public Works has disclosed that EPWP participants will get to earn more from the first day of next month.

The Expanded Public Works Programme is set to increase wages for its participants from R78.86 per task performed to R83.59.

It’s known that the EPWP wage is adjusted annually in line with the prevailing inflation rate. And, data from Statistics South Africa showed that the annual inflation rate in August 2016 was 6%.

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Thus, the implementing agents of the EPWP have been urged to adhere to the approved prescribed minimum wage increase.

Stanley Henderson, the Deputy Director General of the EPWP in the National Department of Public Works commented that the wages of the EPWP participants must be adjusted accordingly to move the country forward.

“This wage hike is one of many ways that government is working on to improve the lives of these participants. This wage increase is expected to put poverty at bay, especially as we are approaching the festive season and the new school year,” Henderson stated.

Henderson asserted that the adjusted minimum wage is applicable to all EPWP participants across all sectors. He also emphasized that employees must continue to pay as usual for projects that pay wage above the prescribed minimum wage.

The Department argued that EPWP is one of the successful government initiatives aimed at reducing poverty and unemployment through the provision of training and work opportunities.

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Not long ago, the Basic Education Minister Angie Motshekga, proclaimed that the EPWP Social Sector play a significant role in responding to the challenges of poverty, unemployment, and inequality.

“This fact was confirmed in the recently completed EPWP Social Sector 2014/15 Evaluation report by Department of Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation,” Motshekga remarked.