Zuma Leading SA To Promise Land, 6 Million Jobs Coming To South Africans


Hail Zuma, he’s leading South African to their dream land. Joblessness will soon be history.

The President and his comrades are set to create 6 million jobs for South Africans.

Government will create the 6 million jobs through the Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP).

According to SA’s Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa, SA government has initiated all the necessary plans to create the jobs. He said, not fewer than 6 million jobs will be created through EPWP by 2019.

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The Deputy President and Deputy Minister of Public Works Jeremy Cronin were visiting EPWP projects at Inanda, Durban.

Speaking, Ramaphosa indicated that having 40,000 South Africans employed to maintain KwaZulu-Natal roads is helping the nation cut cost.

He said: “Many people often look down on public employment programmes. We are the world leaders in proving that public employment programmes do play a key role. Not only giving employment to people for that period, but also hope, and also skills, and also opens up opportunities.”

EPWP Doing More Than Just Creating Jobs

The Deputy President added that EPWP employment programmes are more than just helping people with jobs.

The skills people get to learn help them start up their own businesses, he added.

“It’s proving to us and to itself that it is sustainable. It’s not only a stop-gap measure type of project. It’s sustainable because now we’ve got people who have been in it for 10 years and they’ve gained employment. Their contracts are renewed every year, but they are staying in it because they have gained skills.”

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Previous reports from government said EPWP successfully made a significant socio-economic impact on communities through the creation and maintenance of community assets.

“Among its major contribution towards the provision of services and assets, EPWP has maintained over 40 000km of provincial access roads and provided services to 595 schools through food production gardeners operating within the National School Nutrition Programme (NSNP),” read one of such reports.