High Ranking ANC Member Calls For A March Against Zuma’s ‘Nonsensical’ Government


Enoch Godongwana, the ANC Chairman of economic transformation committee was addressing the political school of the Police and Prisons Civil Rights Union in Boksburg yesterday when he reportedly criticized Zuma and called for a March against his ‘nonsensical’ government.

The former deputy minister of economic development who got to mount the podium as the ANC secretary-general, Gwede Mantashe failed to show up at the event, ensured that there were no journalist in the room before he commenced his address.

He warned that some of the statement he’s about to make are “career-limiting” and thereafter related that he was once told that it’s uncool for ANC cadres to march against its government.

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Godongwana said he responded to that asking -“Xa ibheda why singenoyimatshela? Meaning; If it’s bad why can’t we march against it?

“We’ve got to go back to the streets and march against our government when it’s making nonsense…If we don’t have a functioning state, comrades, konakele (things will be bad). We’ve got to get our ethics right,” he said.

Godongwana lamented about some of the self-destruction the ANC has caused itself saying; “through our own goals we are undermining the process of democratic consolidations.”

Thereafter he talked about the controversy surrounding the implementation of the new tax law disclosing that even the ANC wasn’t consulted on the issue.

“The ANC is as blank as you, we were never consulted on our side,” he said and added – “that’s why I said I don’t need those (TV) cameras.”

Godongwana however, remarked that apart from the challenges in offering the populace a functioning government, all is well with the ruling party. “ANC policies are intact. Our challenge is to get a government that’s functioning to make sure those policies are carried through,” he stated.

While Zizi Kodwa, ANC’s spokesman refused to comment on Godongwana utterances claiming that he wasn’t there when the comments were made, his colleague – Khusela Sangoni stated that the things Godongwana said are “not contrary to the positions of the ANC.

We believe in civic activism, and that people should be able to rise up on any particular issue because we are a caring government,” she reportedly remarked.

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