South Africa Will Have No White Citizens By 2021


Reports have it that Front National Leader, Hannes Engelbrecht wailed over the massive emigration of White South Africans saying Mzansi will have no white citizens by 2021 if the emigration trend continues.

As reported, Engelbrecht cited data from Statistics South Africa and declared that “whites only have five years left in SA.”

The data which represented emigration trend in the country indicated that 95,158 white South Africans emigrated between 2011 and 2015.

Within the time-frame, 1,067,937 blacks from other countries in Africa and 40,929 Asians immigrated to South Africa.

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Engelbrecht based his sentiment on the figure saying Afrikaner will be a nation in true diaspora if the diminishing white population fail to attain self-determination within the next five years.

According to him, the number of Africans and Asians that are immigrating to South Africa are making it impossible for the remaining whites to maintain their demographic rights.

He stressed that about a million white South Africans have already sought their livelihood in western countries; and that the trend is continuing.

“The white emigrants were mostly the skilled, educated and experienced whites sought after by developed western countries,” he said.

“This bodes ill for South Africa as a whole. It is fast turning into a typical third world African country that will never be able to return to normality with such an influx of foreigners and exit of skilled people.

“I honestly believe we only have five years left. If white South Africans don’t put their money and votes into the ideal of self-determination now‚ the sell-out of 1994 will be complete,” Engelbrecht proclaimed.

Frederik Willem de Klerk, the seventh and last head of state of South Africa under the apartheid era once shared a similar sentiment.

He said the policies of South Africa’s present government will force many whites to flee SA.

“We have to face the unpalatable fact that our present government has adopted policies that are consciously directed toward harming the core interests of a section of the South African population according to their race,” De Klerk lamented.

He condemned the government’s BBBEE and affirmative action policies arguing that they are hugely restricting the economic opportunities available for the minorities.

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With that, he predicted that many white South Africans will be forced to leave the country. “Inevitably, many whites will be forced to leave South Africa,” the former SA leader warned.