Parts Of Gauteng Experienced Heavy Down Pours Leading To Emergency Evacuations


The northern part of the city of Johannesburg has been hit by flood leading to the evacuation of some residential areas by the Tshwane Emergency services (TES).

Reporting on this, the TES said that the localized flooding has also caused some residential havoc as cars and other important properties were being flushed away.

This was reported as a residential farmer called the emergency services when he saw the vehicle being swept down a river that flooded a low water bridge on a gravel road last night

“We can see the vehicle but only the top part of the roof is visible. We’re on scene and geared to enter, but it’s dangerous for rescue workers to enter that river in full flood,” TES spokesperson Johan Pieterse said.

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The South African Weather Service had earlier warned of heavy downpours and possible flooding in Gauteng, Mpumalanga and southern Limpopo until the weekend.

The heavy downpour was experienced throughout the night in large parts of Gauteng, Mpumalanga and southern Limpopo, relieving the recent drought conditions but causing disruptions.

More so, serious traffic disruptions have been reported in Johannesburg and other parts of Gauteng on Thursday as flooding has already been reported in some low-lying places.

There has been reporting of huge delays due to a fallen tree near Oxford and an accident on Houghton Dr off the M1 South, this is also the case between Corlett and Wits University.

Johannesburg’s Emergency Services Management (EMS) reported that at least two accidents have been caused by the heavy downpours overnight. One person has been confirmed dead when a truck crashed along the Soweto highway, while no one was injured in other multiple pile-ups on the N14.

EMS spokesperson Robert Mulaudzi said, “Police are dealing with an incident in Soweto which involves multiple vehicles. So far, we don’t have the exact number of people who may be injured.”

A search and rescue operation team has been sent at a Honingnestkraal near Onderstepoort where another car was swept away with the occupant still inside.

The weather service has however said that cloudy conditions will persist over Gauteng until Sunday as the intensity of rainfall decreases.

The city is expected to be engaged with serious clean-ups though the cloudy weather which is expected to go down by 30% says Forecaster Abed Migo.

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