Ramaphosa Urges South Africans To Embrace NDP As Their Own


South Africa’s Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa who was speaking at the Gauteng government economic indaba‚ has urged South Africans to treat government’s National Development Plan (NDP) as their own.

Ramaphosa insisted that the NDP was not just for the government, but also a plan for the whole nation which depicts a shared dream and ways of achieving them.

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“This Indaba aims to give effect to the National Development Plan. In doing so‚ it recognizes that the NDP is a plan for the nation‚ not just government.

“It reflects our shared aspirations and provides a course of action that we can together pursue,” he said, adding that the NDP identified the creation of employment as the most important instrument for tackling poverty and inequality in the nation.

“To achieve this‚ we need faster‚ more inclusive growth.

“We need an economy that serves the interests and meets the needs of the people‚” he said.

Ramaphosa said that in an attempt to transform the economy‚ government had introduced the black industrialist programme to unlock the potential of black entrepreneurs.

The Deputy president was full of praises for the Gauteng government for putting itself in the position to serve as the centre for the revitalization of the township economy.

He was especially pleased that the Gauteng provincial government in its 2016 budget announced funding set aside to upgrade nine centres in townships into proper industrial parks or business hubs.

“Through this initiative the Gauteng government is proving that it does respond to the needs of its people. This is the people’s government at work‚” he said.

Towards the end of his speech, Ramaphosa surprised his audience by reciting some alluring lines of poetry which he wrote on his way to the venue.

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The poem reads thus:

“Gauteng! Gauteng! the province of my
home‚ you have always occupied a
special and welcoming place in my
You continue to welcome everyone
from far and afield.
Many have crafted their dreams around
You are a smallest of provinces and yet
you have the biggest embrace.
Many continue to come to you and find
shelter and homes‚ and comfort‚ wealth
and health.”

A standing ovation was giving to the poetic deputy president as he came to the end of his speech.

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