ANC Election Campaigners Instructed To Beg Supporters For Airtime, Food And Other Donations


South Africa’s ruling party, the African National Congress (ANC) has brandished another light of its campaign strategy. This time around, it has got nothing to do with an empty stadium but it has everything to do with election campaigners soliciting support from poor South Africans who ought to be receiving from them.

However, it’s amazing to note that the party said that this strategy is contained in its election manual and that it was South Africans in various regions who offered to support the party.

ANC Election Campaigners Instructed To Plead For Donations

ANC’s Zizi Kodwa has instructed its election campaigners to ask supporters and local business people to donate money for airtime and SMS and data bundles. Zizi asserted that the fundraising strategy suggestions are contained in the ruling party’s 94-page 2016 election campaign manual distributed to regions ahead of the August 3 local government elections. Therein also, ANC members are asked to solicit from branch members second-hand clothes, food and cakes to be sold outside shops or ranks.

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As amazing as it sounds, the party added that party campaigners should ask supporters, traders and business people for “many resources” and “donations in kinds” such as airtime, SMS and data bundles, food for volunteers and petrol for taxis, among others.

From the manual, it is found that the party also warned its campaigners not to while away time in areas dominated by opposition parties . It also revealed that it was aiming at getting 65% of new voters in order to maintain its results in previous municipal elections.

The party however made it clear that competition and raffles are good ways of making money but warned that “unless you get prizes donated, you can also lose money by not selling enough tickets to cover your costs”.

The governing party is likely to face its toughest local polls this year.

However, we will recall that in 2013, the ANC slammed the DA for using airtime vouchers to promote its campaign.

“We have been informed that the Democratic Alliance is using airtime vouchers of MTN and Vodacom to promote its campaign,” the African National Congress Gauteng said in a statement at that time.

It said the party would talk to the companies about disassociating themselves with party political campaigns, which it considered ambush marketing.

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But, DA Spokesman Mmusi Maimane reportedly said the vouchers, which also detailed the party’s role in the liberation struggle, were part of the party’s “know your DA” campaign.

“We are engaging consumers that buy airtime. We found that through MTN we will be able to reach everyone and inform them about our party. We purchased the advertising space, and this has nothing to do with MTN. It does not mean MTN supports the DA,” he said.

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