Ekurhuleni City Loses R800 Million To Hoodlums


The city of Ekurhuleni says it loses a whopping R800 million to illegal electric connections every year in unaccounted-for electricity.

Ekurhuleni mayor Mzwandile Masina made this known while issuing a stern warning to residents of the Marikana informal settlement near KwaThema over the weekend.

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The embittered mayor reminded residents that illegal connection does more harm than good to the city – as it does not only endanger human lives, but also derails the city’s developmental projects.

“These illegal connections are a threat to innocent people while, at the same time, they overload the system and result in many unplanned power outages. In some instances, they result in massive electricity infrastructure damage,” Masina cried out.

However, he assured them that the city is working towards electrifying all informal settlement and also roll out over 100 00 houses before the end of 2021.

In the same vein, Masina instructed metro officials to ensure that illegal connectors are apprehended and brought to book.

Masina also visited child-headed households in Langaville, where he provided urgent assistance with basic necessities for the families.

“The welfare of our citizens remains at the top of our agenda, no child will go a day without food and basic human needs while we are in government,” he pledged.

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Just like in any other place, illegal electricity connection is a disastrous act that has led to the death of many innocent residents and passer-bys in the country.

It is not only dangerous, it also hangs the safety of communities by the thread. More so, affected transformers take hours or days to repair if they get exploded in the connection process.

Thus, Eskom has warned residents of South African communities to shun illegal connection, meter tampering or bypassing and electricity infrastructure theft.