“Oros Will Answer To Us For Calling Us Monkeys” – EFF Student Command


The Economic Freedom Fighters Students Command (EFFSC) has vowed not to put to rest the comments by the African National Congress Youth League (ANCYL) who described them as monkeys.

It was reported that the ANCYL president had referred to the EFF as monkeys when he said:

“If you fight with Zuma you are fighting with the youth league‚ and South Africans who have voted for him‚ and the ANC with more than 60 % majority. The country will be defended.

We cannot allow Julius Malema and his monkeys to run our country amok and turn this country into a banana republic.”

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Referring to the ANCYL President Collen Maine’s speech as “lame and childish utterances”, the EFFSC said they are willing and ready to have a guerrilla conversation with the group.

“Not that we’ve been paying attention or following the events of the ANC youth desk but it is reported to us that Oros man‚ Collen Maine‚ is up to his usual antics of spewing bile once again.

This time‚ he has apparently referred to the EFF as monkeys.

It is incumbent upon us as the EFFSC that we dispute‚ refute and dismiss this madness with the contempt it deserves,” they said.

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Speaking of their planned move to tackle the group, the EFFSC spokesperson Peter Keetse said they are not deterred by the “childish utterances of the Oros students but at the same time, the comments must be challenged as “it further perpetuates the racist rhetoric advanced by the Penny Sparrows of this world‚ who use such defamatory terms to normalize racial hatred towards black people”.

“The EFFSC will personally pay a visit to Oros so that we may have a guerrilla conversation with him on matters including but not limited to #FeesMustFall‚ #RhodesMustFall‚ #EndOutSourcing and other genuine black struggles because through his clumsy utterances it is clear that he fails to grasp what is really going on.

“The discourse has left him and his friends of the youth desk behind.”

Keetse said Maine “should have chosen different images rather than monkey”‚ as that word has “has become a substitute” for the k-word. The word reminds everyone of a South Coast real estate Agent Sparrow, whose description of black beachgoers as monkeys went viral in December.

He concluded by saying that the EFFSC still aims at joining the EFF march to the Constitutional Court on Tuesday and the National Assembly‚ where President Jacob Zuma will deliver his State of the National Address on Thursday.

“Ours is to make it a reality that President Zuma eventually pays back the money and that the courts finally pronounce on the scope‚ powers and ambit of the public protector‚” Keetse vowed.

“Members of the youth desk of the ANCYL must know that we are going ahead with this programme in the most peaceful way possible‚ however‚ if they dare try tackle us‚ we will be left with no choice but to use similar yet more potent violence to respond to them.”

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