Victory Is Certain! EFF Will Conquer All Enemy Forces Without Shooting A Single Bullet, Malema Brags


Unlike ANC members, Fighters are sensible and wouldn’t burn schools and infrastructure in-order to impose their individual and personal will and aspirations on others, said the EFF leader.

Malema in his latest volume of his “Radical Voice” newsletter, asserted that EFF’s victory in the upcoming elections is certain, and informed members that ‘revolutionary discipline is an important weapon for Local Government Elections victory.”

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The EFF leader said EFF do not tolerate and will not accommodate opportunists and power mongers who will cause the party unrest because they are not elected.

Unlike ANC he said, “thousands of EFF candidates were selected in all the Wards and there was not even one Branch General Assembly of the EFF that was violently disrupted because certain individuals did not make it into ballots.

No individual was physically harmed or threatened with violence due to internal election processes and activities of the EFF.

This is not due to the newness of the EFF, but due to revolutionary discipline which our movement enhances and harnesses as a weapon to win the war for economic freedom.”

He bragged that EFF members have never disrupted meetings of other political parties irrespective of the fact that the party suffers the highest number of meeting disruptions by the ruling party.

Yet, “EFF has not taken the law into its own hands, and not because we do not have capacity to defend ourselves, but because we are guided by the spirit of revolutionary discipline.

…We stand a reasonable chance to conquer all enemy forces without shooting a single bullet. Our strategic enemy, which is white monopoly capital will rejoice if we were to engage in violence against each other as a black nation,” said Malema.

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Juju also highlighted that the EFF’s People Municipality will decolonize South Africa’s public spaces by destroying all apartheid symbols/statues and renaming all apartheid street names. EFF’s victory is certain, he stressed.